Writer’s Workshop

Dear Parents,

One of the programs I am implementing in my classroom is the “Writer’s Workshop.” Students will be developing themselves as observers and critical thinkers, using the writing process.  It should be an exciting process for them, and I hope it will inspire their love of writing long after they have left my classroom.

Students will be introduced to some wonderful writers and their work, examining various forms of literature.  We will celebrate and analyze mentor pieces for craft, style, and content, as well as the “rules” of grammar and style.  You can help your young writer at home as well by making sure students are reading rich pieces of literature every evening.  Spend time to talk to your child about their ideas, thoughts, and observations.  Share your family stories orally.  Tell them about when you were a child, and memories of when they were younger.  These experiences will enrich their writer’s minds and give them more fodder to produce good work.  During the first weeks of the year we are developing their own “hot topic”‘ list.

Students will have a “writer’s notebook” to record their thoughts and ideas on a daily basis.  Students were assigned to decorate their writer’s notebook and make it their own.  You can help them find pictures, pretty pieces of wrapping paper to make a collage, gems, stickers, or drawings to make the notebook special.  Although this notebook is for “personal” writing, unlike a diary it is not for “private” writing.  Students will regularly share their work with each other in class.  These notebooks must be brought to school EVERY DAY.  Please make sure that your child has a special place for this book so they won’t forget it the next morning.

I encourage you to sit down on relaxed occasions with your writer and ask them to share pieces from their notebook with you.  These will not be final published pieces.  They are only drafts and your writer may decide not to publish a good majority of the work.  However, this sharing will give you a better sense of how your child is developing as a writer, and what kinds of things they are working on.  You may help them further by discussing the pieces, offering insights, helping with remembering, etc.  Later in the year, students will begin to choose pieces that they wish to publish. You may also help in encouraging your writer to add detail, revise their work, and later help them edit their pieces.

Please make sure that your child brings a jumpdrive to class so they can keep their stories electronically and use it at home and at school.

Looking forward to some great stories!

-Gingerlily Lowe

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