Welcome to 2nd Grade, Room 5!

We had a wonderful 1st week of school!  Thank you for returning the enrollment forms and papers promptly.  And if you haven’t finished those yet, please do so as soon as possible.

This Friday I am sending home a spelling list for next week’s homework and a sheet that students can cut out to make flashcards to practice with.  Please practice the spelling words with your child through the next week.  Please keep the spelling homework for the whole week to practice everyday, then send in the homework folder on Friday.  We will have a spelling test on Friday.

This week students have been bringing their homework sheets.  Please check your child’s homework with them and sign the homework.  This will help you to know what we are working on in class and how your child is doing.  If  your child is having trouble, you can help them and catch them up with the class.

I had asked for parents to get some counters (like beads or beans) and a deck of playing cards to put in a pencilbox/toolbox that your child can keep in  their desk. We are just looking for some regular playing cards that you can get at 99 cents store with numbers 1-10 and Jack, Queen, King, Ace.Jokers. Students will use the cards to play some math games at home to practice math facts and skills. This will help them when we are doing math.

Afterschool Pick-up
By now most of you have noticed that the 2nd graders will all wait over by the grassy area by the school sign after school.  This will be our regular waiting place unless you have made other arrangements with your child.  Please be sure to let other family or friends know if you make a change in who picks up.


Thank you for your support!


Calendar Reminder:
Wednesday is our regular Minimum Day- Dismissal @ 12:00
September 4th – No School Labor Day Holiday
September 21st -Back to School Night 5:00-7:00
September 29th- Awards Assembly
September 29th- Additional Minimum Day


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