Final Events

We are finally here at our last few days of school.  We’ve had such a wonderful time together and made such great memories.

Here are the events for the last days:
Retirement Party – Community is all invited to wish well our retiring staff  Janice Taylor-Romstad, Gaylene Davis, and Rosario Lopez, and other staff members who are leaving Nye.  Come join us in the Auditorium after school at 12:45 on Wednesday, June 7th.  It’s a potluck!  Students may attend with parents or guardians.

June 8th -5th Graders remember to wear your new t-shirt!  We will be practicing for Graduation in the morning.  Please don’t be late to school.  We have a Movie and popcorn  after (please send in your popcorn donation if you volunteered to send some).

In the afternoon at 1:00-2:00 Field Day: Kickball Adults vs. Students  Basketball Adults vs. Students.  Parents, Please join us out on the field.

June 9th (all day)–Wear you t shirt if it is still in good shape. We are going San Diego County Fair Plant Eat Grow  Field Trip.  Bring a sack lunch.  Do not bring your backpacks.  Wear sunscreen, a hat, and good walking shoes.

June 12th (1-2 pm)–Yearbook Signing and special fingerfoods donated by one of our 5th grade parents.  You can wear your t shirt and bring a sharpie to get it signed by your friends.  Bring a silver or gold sharpie for yearbook signing.

June 13th (all day)–Game Day -bring your electronic games, your string,  for the morning.  5th Grade BBQ in the afternoon.  Dress to get wet in the afternoon.  You can bring your soakers.

June 14th–5th Grade Promotion @ 11am, Last day of school