Fun Run Wednesday May 24th

Fun Run
Wednesday, May 24th is the Fun Run! All students will be able to participate whether or not they brought in pledges, so make sure that your child wears comfortable clothing and shoes that they can move in.   Make sure that your child brings a water bottle and puts some sunscreen on in the morning.  5th graders will run after they eat lunch, at 10:30.   If you are able to make a donation or pledge, it is not too late to do so. You can still sign up online or send in the envelope. We appreciate any help you can give to the school to support our kids.  It’s going to be a lot of fun!

We have a lot of testing these last weeks. Please make sure that your child gets some good sleep each night.   If you can send in a pack of mint gum, we can still use it.Homework
With testing going on we have modified our class schedule and homework.  Homework this week has been to get the personal narrative books finished and illustrated. Please check in on your child and remind them to do that work at home.
They can also review their math skills and practice problems they are unsure of. They will have several math tests coming up including SBAC testing,  a placement test for next year, and our end of year assessment.
I’ve also sent home some lyrics that they need to practice for Promotion Day. There is a guideline sheet which I sent home a hard copy of, and also posted online on DOJO yesterday.
Colonial Day Costumes
Thank you families for washing and returning Colonial Day borrowed costumes.  I am still waiting on just a few students to return their costumes.  Please send back all borrowed Colonial Day costumes, washed and ready for next year.  If you have extra pieces that you would like to add to our collection, we are very grateful to you and yo uwill know that the pieces will be used well by the students coming after you.
Fifth Grade Barbecue
I am also still waiting on just a few of the Barbecue letters. Please send those back with what you will be able to send for the 5th grade barbecue. We hope parents will join us for the celebration and social time. Come a little early to help.

Open House and Colonial Day

Thank you to all the families that came to Open House!  It was so fun to see you all dancing and trying out some of our activities.

Thanks for your support.

May 16th-25th–5th Grade SBAC Testing (Make-up Testing the following week)
May 24th Fun Run, Regular Minimum Day
May 25th, Thursday–Additional Minimum Day
May 26th, Friday–No School
May 29th–Monday-Memorial Day Holiday
May 31st–Pass out 5th grade T-Shirts/T-Shirt signing (Bring a sharpie)
June 1st, Thursday–Music concert 12:10-1:00
June 2nd–5th grader perform Fifty-Nifty United States (last awards assembly)
June 8th (1:00-2:00)  Field Day: Kickball Adults vs. Students  Basketball Adults vs. Students
June 9th (all day)–San Diego County Fair Plant Eat Grow  Field Trip
June 12th (1-2 pm)–Yearbook Signing and Special Luncheon
June 13th (all day)–Game Day and 5th Grade BBQ in the afternoon
June 14th–5th Grade Promotion @ 11am, Last day of school


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