Thank You for a Lovely Teacher Week!

Thank you for a lovely Teacher Appreciation Week!  I loved all the letters, cards, gifts, and flowers, and the wonderful lunch last week.  Thank you all for your support and help!

Language Arts
We are now reading Lemonade War together and having a lot of fun.  Spend some time with your child and ask them about what’s happening in the story.  Have them read a passage to you and talk about the book.  If anyone has a lemon tree with lemons on it, we would love to make some lemonade in class.  Please Dojo me if you are able to contribute some lemons or sugar.

Writer’s Workshop
I am hoping students can get another personal story published.  Please remind your child to work on it at home to add more details and finish their project.  Students are using google docs to type in their story, but they can also keep their writing on a jump drive and work on a word file.  Also, please help your child to find some pictures that they might be able to add to their book when they publish.  It is always fun to add pictures of family and events if you have them.

We have finished Topic 16 geometric figures.  We will have a test on the unit on Wednesday.  Please remember to check your child’s tests results and math work online.

SBAC Testing
Next Monday we officially start SBAC testing.  We would like some mint gum donations so our students can chew only while taking their tests.  If you are able to help us, it would be greatly appreciated.

Colonial Day
Colonial Day is Thursday, May 18th.  Students have been given a letter with some suggestions for costumes to wear on our Colonial Day.  We also have a few things here that students can borrow, then wash and return back to school.

Please read over the letter that was sent home last week for ideas and suggestions.  You can also look for Colonial Costume ideas online and go through your closets to put an outfit together.  Students will be expected to come to school dressed.  We will also have our Open House from 5:30-6:30 that evening where students and parents can participate in a big colonial dance.

Scholastic Book Club
Our last book order will be placed by May 12th.  This will give us enough time to get the books in time before school is out.  Students got a special coupon which will give them one free book up to $5.00 if they order  at least $5.00 worth of books.  Please take a look online at the catalogs.  Remember to redeem the coupon online.  You will need to enter the code when you order.  If you are sending a book order back to school, please make sure that you include the coupon so I can enter it for you.

Order  online. If this is your first time ordering online, you will need to enter our class code:  QJ3YR


May 16th-25th–5th Grade SBAC Testing
May 18th–Colonial Day
May 18th–Open House 5:30-6:30
May 25th, Thursday–Additional Minimum Day
May 26th, Friday–No School
May 29th–Memorial Day Holiday
May 31st–Pass out T-Shirts/T-Shirt signing
June 1st, Thursday–Music concert 12:10-1:00
June 2nd–5th grader perform Fifty-Nifty United States (last awards assembly)
June 8th (1:00-2:00)  Field Day: Kickball Adults vs. Students  Basketball Adults vs. Students
June 9th (all day)–San Diego County Fair Plant Eat Grow  Field Trip
June 12th (1-2 pm)–Yearbook Signing
June 13th (all day)–Game Day and 5th Grade BBQ in the afternoon
June 14th–5th Grade Promotion @ 11am,Last day of school


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