Graduation Picture Day on Friday May 5th-Wear Nye T-Shirt (or Navy Blue)


Free Children’s Book Party on April 29th
This annual event is at the Organ Pavillion from 8:30-10:30 and everyone is welcome.  You can drive yourself and spend a lovely morning at the park.  Or if you would like to ride with the school, there will be free transportation to the Children’s Book Party at Balboa Park this Saturday, April 29th leaving at 8:00am.  First 80 people to RSVP to the Nye office or email will have a seat on the bus.   Don’t miss it!

Pearson Math
We have  completed Topic 14 on Coordinate Grids and have taken the Unit Assessment for Topic.  We will take the Topic 13 unit assessment now on operations and math expressions.
As we are finishing up these units, it would be helpful for your child to go over past units they had trouble with and review the lesson pages.  SBAC testing have already begun for some students and we will also be starting to test these skills and concepts in the next few weeks.

Smarter Balance Assessment Consortia (SBAC)
Our class has already started testing in the SBAC as many other students in the state.  We started with the new 5th grade Science Tests on Wednesday, and will continue taking the rest of the Math and English Language Arts tests in a couple of weeks.  These tests are a snapshot of your child’s progress towards Common Core Standards.

There has been some research showing that students who get a good night’s sleep the night before, who eat a good breakfast in the morning, and who are allowed to chew gum during the test may perform a little better.  You can help your child by making sure that they get a good night’s sleep and come to school rested and well-fed on testing days.   Also if your are able to donate some gum or mints to school for testing, please send your child with some.  I will collect them and pass it out during testing time.  Thank you for your support.

We are currently working with clay and learning about techniques used by Erik Gronborg, the sculpture artist we studied on our fieldtrip to the Mingei Museum.  I’ve asked students to bring in small toys, stamps, wood blocks and other interesting pieces that they can use in class.  We also need cylindrical pieces that would serve as a rolling pin, as I only have one in the classroom.  Please help your child look around the house to see what might be useful for these activities.

Plant Eat Grow-San Diego County Fair Fieldtrip
Our plants have sprouted and our planters are now sporting baby radishes and lettuces.  It is very exciting. Please make sure that your child brings in their permission slips and bus money, if they haven’t yet done so.


Fifth Grade Activities and Special Events
There are many fun things happening for the 5th graders in the next few weeks.

Right now is the Student Logo contest for the 5th grade t-shirts.  Students can enter their black line designs during this week.  5th graders will vote for their favorite which will be featured on a 5th grade t-shirt.

Coming up on May 5th (Friday) will be Graduation Picture Day.   Please remind your child to wear their Nye t-shirt on Friday (or Navy blue t-shirt) for our big group picture which will be featured on the 5th Grade Yearbook.

5th Grade Yearbook
Thanks to the generosity of our Nye PTA, a beautiful 5th Grade Yearbook will be available for students to purchase at only $15.00.  The Yearbook will cost us $20.00, but a donor has offered to offset the cost of the books to make it more affordable for our families.  Thank you!


April 24-May 3 (VOTE May 5th)–5th Grade Logo Contest
April 28th, Friday–April Awards Assembly 8:10
April 29th, Saturday-Children’s Book Party in Balboa Park
(Free bus from Nye or drive yourself to Organ Pavillion)
May 5th, Friday – 5th Grade Graduation Picture Day (Wear your Nye T-shirt for Group Picture)
May 16th-25th–5th Grade SBAC Testing
May 18th–Colonial Day
May 18th–Open House 5:30-6:30
May 25th, Thursday–Additional Minimum Day
May 26th, Friday–No School
May 29th–Memorial Day Holiday
May 31st–Pass out T-Shirts/T-Shirt signing
June 1st, Thursday–Music concert 12:10-1:00
June 2nd–5th grader perform Fifty-Nifty United States (last awards assembly)
June 8th (1:00-2:00)  Field Day: Kickball Adults vs. Students  Basketball Adults vs. Students
June 9th (all day)–San Diego County Fair Plant Eat Grow  Field Trip
June 12th (1-2 pm)–Yearbook Signing
June 13th (all day)–Game Day and 5th Grade BBQ in the afternoon
June 14th–5th Grade Promotion @ 11am,Last day of school


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