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County Fair -Plant Grow Eat
(Please return your permission slips and letter with bus money ASAP)
Our final field trip of the year will be to the San Diego County Fair-Where the West is Fun on Friday, June 9th.  Our busses will cost $6.00 per child.  Our students will be participating in the Plant Eat Grow program, cultivating plant pots and learning about the growing cycle.  It is a great activity, as students learn to care for their living pots.  The trip to the fair will be their culminating activity where they will take their lettuce and radishes to be judged.  In fact, their plant pots will be their ticket into the fair that day.  

We are also looking for chaperones to help us on this field trip.  Parents will be expected to take students to visit the educational displays and installations at the fair in small groups.  There is a lot to see and experience and this is always a highlight trip for our students.  During the field trip time, parents and students may not purchase food or other items and will not be allowed to go on paid-for rides, however if  parent chaperones would like to stay after our field trip time, you can visit those exhibits at your leisure.  

Parent chaperones* may ride the busses with us, or if you would like to stay after our field trip with your child, parents can drive their own cars and pay for parking, then go to the Plant Eat Grow gate at the farm to enter with the school for free. (*Parent chaperones must have completed the school volunteer application process in order to participate.)  We will need 5-6 parents for this field trip.

Scholastic Book Club
Please order Lemonade War for $1.00.  I am encouraging each family to please order this book for your child so we can read it together in class.  It is a funny book, which also reinforces some of the things we learned about economics in our Biztown unit.

Please place your order online or send $1.00 into school before Wednesday, April 19th.  I would like to close the order then so they can send us our book as soon as possible.

Order  online. If this is your first time ordering online, you will need to enter our class code:  QJ3YR

Pearson Math
We took our Topic 11 math assessment on Friday.  Please take a look online at your child’s results.  Go over mistakes and misconceptions with them.

This week we have started Topic 12 about line plots.  We will finish this topic and take the unit assessment on Friday.  Please go over the book pages 725-727 with your child to help them study for the test.

SBAC Testing
Soon we will be taking the state’s Smarter Balance Assessment for California (SBAC)  This is a standardize assessment that all the students in the state will take.  These results will actually be recorded in your child’s school record.  Use these next few weeks to help your child prepare for their test.  Make sure they are reading carefully when they do their homework, ask them questions and have them support their answers with data, reason, and rational.  All these skills will serve them in their futures.

(Please note that some of these dates may change, but I wanted to list as much as I know so you can put it in your calendars at home.)
April 19th- Craft Night at Nye 6:00-7:00
April 24-May 3 (VOTE May 5th)–
5th Grade Logo Contest
April 29th-Children’s Book Party in Balboa Park (Free bus from Nye or drive yourself to Organ Pavillion)
May 5th, Friday – 5th Grade Graduation Picture Day
May 16th-25th–5th Grade SBAC Testing
May 18th–Colonial Day
May 18th–Open House 5:30-6:30
May 25th, Thursday–Additional Minimum Day
May 26th, Friday–No School
May 29th–Memorial Day Holiday
May 31st–Pass out T-Shirts/T-Shirt signing
June 1st, Thursday–Music concert 12:10-1:00
June 2nd–5th grader perform Fifty-Nifty United States (last awards assembly)
June 8th (1:00-2:00)  Field Day: Kickball Adults vs. Students  Basketball Adults vs. Students
June 9th (all day)–San Diego County Fair Plant Eat Grow  Field Trip
June 12th (1-2 pm)–Yearbook Signing
June 13th (all day)–Game Day and 5th Grade BBQ in the afternoon
June 14th–5th Grade Promotion @ 11am,Last day of school


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