Biztown is Monday April 10th!

Our Biztown fieldtrip is on Monday April 10th.

Before our break, your child went through an application and interview process for a Biztown job.  They were given their assignments and have been meeting with their business teams in preparation for our Biztown experience on Monday.

Please be sure to get your child to school on time on April 10th.  They should dress professionally and appropriately for their job.  I would also highly recommend wearing comfy shoes as students will have a long day on their feet.

Please have your child pack a healthy lunch, and be sure to include a water bottle that they can fill up if they need to. Parent volunteers will drive themselves or carpool over to meet us at Biztown.  Please also make sure to pack a lunch for yourself if you are volunteering.

Knox Articulation Meeting 4/13 @1:15 -Parents, Please Attend and Ask Questions
As our 5th graders are fast approaching the end of their time here at Nye, Hopefully parents have made plans for where your child will go to school next September.

On Thursday, April 13th, Knox Middle School will be here at 1:15 for an articulation meeting with our students and parents in the auditorium.  This is a good time to bring your questions, and make sure that you have back up plans.

We started working on measurement in Topic 11.  Each lesson deals with only one aspect of measurement, so it is very important for your child to keep practicing those measurement concepts on their own.   You can see your child’s quiz results online and find out what they need more practice with.  We should finish the unit next week and have our unit assessment at the end of the week.

Last Week of Halo Halo at the Lyceum Theater
This is the last week for Asian Story Theater’s play of Halo Halo at the Lyceum Theater downtown in Horton Plaza.  I hope you will try to come see this show about San Diego’s Filipino Community, with stories developed through history and personal interviews.  These stories explore Filipino American culture and traditions, as well as struggles and triumphs that every audience shares.  Four of our fifth grade students from Nye Elementary: Aiden,  Rafael, and two fifth graders last year-Angelika, and Audrey have contributed to one of the stories featured in the show!  There is also a contribution from Mr. Delute who has been a substitute principal this year at Nye.

It is a show I am very proud to be a part of as the stories are so powerful and important for all our San Diego community to hear.  After most of the performances, there has also been a discussion panel featuring many of the community members who shared their stories.  These have been so informative and inspirational.  If you come to the show, you might consider staying to hear the panel speakers.

Halo Halo runs Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday– 7:30 curtain, and
Saturday and Sunday –2:00 Matinee, at the Lyceum Theater, downtown in Horton Plaza.
Hope to see you there.


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