Parent Conferences and Minimum Days 3-20 to 3-24

Math Test Topic 10
We took our Topic 10 Assessment on Volume this week.  Student tests results are online.  Please take some time this weekend to look at them and go over mistakes with your child.

Next week we will take some more time to do some more practice with these recent concepts about fractions and volume measurements.  We will hold off on starting Topic 11 until after we come back from Spring Break.

BizTown Job Interview
Next week students will be interviewing for their jobs at Biztown.  They should bring their job applications to their interview which will be on Monday and Tuesday.  Students should practice their interviewing skills and manners over this weekend.  They should also prepare a simple resume to bring with them at their interview.

Please remind your child to dress appropriately for their job interview.

Biztown FieldTrip
Biztown Permission Slips have been sent home.  Only two students have brought them back to school, so please check in with your child and make sure that you fill out the permission slips and return them to school ASAP.  The first slip is actually for Biztown.  I am encouraging families to please check the first permission line so that your child may participate in any media on that day.  Biztown actually has a newspaper business that the students will run.  They will be taking pictures which will appear in the Biztown Newspaper.  We hope that everyone can participate and take part in the pictures and any media events there.

Parent volunteers will also be getting a letter soon.  Remember that parents will be driving to Biztown that morning before the students arrive.  If you are volunteering, we have one parent at least who will need a ride to Biztown.  Please let me know if you can carpool to take someone else.  If there are any other parents who have not yet contacted me, but would be interested in volunteering that day, please let me know so I can submit your name.

We also want to that Pacific Western Bank who is helping to sponsor this very special and otherwise very expensive trip to Biztown on April 10th.  Thank you, Pacific Western Bank for making this possible for our students.

Pi Day 3.14
Thank you parents who brought pies in for Pi Day.  We had a fun time dividing the circumference by the diameter of our pies to find pi  (c/d=pi).

Pure Water Reclamation Plant
We had such an informative fieldtrip to the Pure Water Plant on Friday, March 17th!  It was really wonderful to learn how our water can be recycled and purified to combat California’s Water needs as our population continues to grow.

Students toured the lab to learn about the 1st process to remove harmful bacteria from sewer water, and then were able to try the water which has been gone through the secondary purification process.   It was exciting for our students to think about how their water will be processed by the time they are adults paying the water bills themselves.  Talk to your child about what they learned.

Remember Parent Conferences and Minimum Days are March 20th-March 24th
Spring Break March 27th-31st-No School
Back to School April 3rd
Biztown April 10th



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