Mingei Fieldtrip March 10th-Bring Sack Lunch

February Award 2017
Congratulations to our Award Winners for February! Terrific work!

We just finished Topic 9 and had our math test.  Students for the most part did great on this test.  Please make sure you take some time this weekend to go through the student portal to look at the test and go over mistakes with your child.  They seem to be understanding the concept of fractions better.

Next week we will begin Unit 10 on Measurement and Volume.

Environmental Project Presentations
We practiced our presentations today in class.  Some students found that they needed to change a few things, and practice speaking and looking up at the camera.  Please have your child practice at home this weekend.  Remind them to bring some nice clothes to record their presentation in on Monday.

We started our Biztown Unit this week.  Ask your child about what they are learning.  Show them your checkbooks, registers, and bank statements.  Talk to them about your jobs and how your work affects the  financial stability of your household.  This is a great unit to talk about these responsibilities we all face and allow our children to understand more about what we do for them.

I can still use a few more volunteers for our Biztown Fieltrip on April 10th.  Please let me know if you can help us.

Field Trip to Mingei
We have a fieldtrip this Friday to the Mingei Museum.  Please remind your child to wear good walking shoes, bring a light jacket for the weather, and a sack lunch and snack.

March 14 is Pi Day
We would like to celebrate Pi Day with some pies.  Please send a pie if you can on Tuesday, March 14th so we can talk about circles and Pi.

Pictures from our Spirit Days

Crazy Hats
Crazy Hats
Pajama Day
Pajama Day
Look at our crazy socks Crazy Socks Crazy Socks



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