Happy Spring Break!

Congratulations Class for winning the 2nd place Attendance Award.  Good job, everyone!

Spring Break March 20th-March 31st
Students are off for Spring Break.  We had a great 2nd semester with some wonderful fieldtrips.
Special thanks to the Mingei Museum who gave each child a family pass to visit the museum again.  I sent them home on Friday, so make sure that you check your child’s backpack.  The family pass allows your entire family to visit the museum for free!

Report cards were given out during Parent Conferences or sent home on Friday, so please check in with your child if you haven’t seen it.

During this break encourage your child to read, and write their stories down.  Take pictures of trips and family, cook together, measure and use fractions as you look at recipes, sort socks and make fraction piles, eat pizza and talk about fractional parts, look at those cereal boxes and macaroni boxes and find the volume.  When we come back from Spring Break, we will soon be starting state testing.  Fractions will be a big part of those math tests.

We will also start the measurement units in our Pearson Math program.  I’ve assigned some work online that your child can do over break to work ahead and be ready for our lessons when we come back.

Try to spend a little time with your child to look over the past units we have already done and go over the concepts they need to work on a little more.  This is a great opportunity to catch up and even put some energy into moving ahead.  Your child can also do STMath practice online, use Khan Academy, work on Spelling City and NewsELA.

Come to the Theater to See Me in Halo Halo
I will be opening in a show produced by Asian Story Theater called Halo Halo on Friday, March 31st.  This show is about San Diego’s Filipino Community, with stories developed through history and personal interviews.  These stories explore Filipino American culture and traditions, as well as struggles and triumphs that every audience shares.  In fact, four students from Nye Elementary have contributed to one of the stories featured in the show–our fifth graders: Aiden, and Rafael, and two fifth graders last year-Angelika, and Audrey.  There is also a contribution from Mr. Delute who has been a substitute principal this year at Nye.

Halo Halo runs for 2 weeks: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Lyceum Theater, downtown in Horton Plaza.  Hope to see you there.

Have a lovely week off! And see you back to school on April 3rd.


Parent Conferences and Minimum Days 3-20 to 3-24

Math Test Topic 10
We took our Topic 10 Assessment on Volume this week.  Student tests results are online.  Please take some time this weekend to look at them and go over mistakes with your child.

Next week we will take some more time to do some more practice with these recent concepts about fractions and volume measurements.  We will hold off on starting Topic 11 until after we come back from Spring Break.

BizTown Job Interview
Next week students will be interviewing for their jobs at Biztown.  They should bring their job applications to their interview which will be on Monday and Tuesday.  Students should practice their interviewing skills and manners over this weekend.  They should also prepare a simple resume to bring with them at their interview.

Please remind your child to dress appropriately for their job interview.

Biztown FieldTrip
Biztown Permission Slips have been sent home.  Only two students have brought them back to school, so please check in with your child and make sure that you fill out the permission slips and return them to school ASAP.  The first slip is actually for Biztown.  I am encouraging families to please check the first permission line so that your child may participate in any media on that day.  Biztown actually has a newspaper business that the students will run.  They will be taking pictures which will appear in the Biztown Newspaper.  We hope that everyone can participate and take part in the pictures and any media events there.

Parent volunteers will also be getting a letter soon.  Remember that parents will be driving to Biztown that morning before the students arrive.  If you are volunteering, we have one parent at least who will need a ride to Biztown.  Please let me know if you can carpool to take someone else.  If there are any other parents who have not yet contacted me, but would be interested in volunteering that day, please let me know so I can submit your name.

We also want to that Pacific Western Bank who is helping to sponsor this very special and otherwise very expensive trip to Biztown on April 10th.  Thank you, Pacific Western Bank for making this possible for our students.

Pi Day 3.14
Thank you parents who brought pies in for Pi Day.  We had a fun time dividing the circumference by the diameter of our pies to find pi  (c/d=pi).

Pure Water Reclamation Plant
We had such an informative fieldtrip to the Pure Water Plant on Friday, March 17th!  It was really wonderful to learn how our water can be recycled and purified to combat California’s Water needs as our population continues to grow.

Students toured the lab to learn about the 1st process to remove harmful bacteria from sewer water, and then were able to try the water which has been gone through the secondary purification process.   It was exciting for our students to think about how their water will be processed by the time they are adults paying the water bills themselves.  Talk to your child about what they learned.

Remember Parent Conferences and Minimum Days are March 20th-March 24th
Spring Break March 27th-31st-No School
Back to School April 3rd
Biztown April 10th


3.14 is Pi Day-Bring a Pie! Project Swell Fieldtrip on Friday, 17th

3.14 is Pi–Bring a Pie to School to Celebrate
Let’s Celebrate the wonderful magic of Pi.  Bring a pie to school on Tuesday, March 14th (3/14) to measure and share.  We’ll figure out what Pi is, then eat them!

Most of our students are doing great working with volume.  They are needing a little more practice with breaking objects into two rectangular prisms to solve the total volume.  Check in with your child before we take the end of Unit Assessement  for topic 10.  Also remember to go over their quick checks quizzes to clear up any misconceptions and practice similar problems.   I’m expecting that we will take Topic 10 assessment on Wednesday or Thursday.

Fieltrip to the Water Purification Plant 
On Friday, March 17th we will visit the Water Purification Plant, courtesy of Project Swell.  This will be a fascinating look at one of the ways that San Diego is planning to conserve water in the future by purifying the fresh water that we are using so that we can use it again!

Be sure to pack a lunch for that day!

Parent Conference Week
Parent Conference Week is March 20th.  I do not need to see everyone this time around, and most parents who I need to see have already set up an appointment.  However if you still would like a conference, I do have a few spots open.  Please let me know through Class Dojo and I will set you up with a time to conference with me.  Remember that this week is minimum day schedule for the students.

Girl Scouts
Girl Scout meetings will start at Nye on Wednesday, March 15th after school.  They have fun activities for girls to learn by.   Girls Scouts will hold meeting here for the next four weeks, and they will be recruiting parent leaders to continue on with the program.  This is a great way to be involved with your daughter.  Letters were sent home.  Be sure to check in with your daughters.

Scholastic Book Club
Please check the catalogues and place your order online  by Wednesday, March 15th.  You can order from any of the available catalogues online.   If this is your first time ordering online, you will need to enter our class code:  QJ3YR

Some of our students are reading a wonderful book, Inside Out and Back Again, by Thanhha Lai.  This book is currently on sale for $1.00 in the book club.  Another recommendation is The Lemonade War , by Jaqueline Davis which is also on sale for $1.00 until the end of this month.  Check it out!

Remember to Bring a Sack Lunch and snack for our Fieldtrip to the Mingei Museum to see  Erik Gronberg on Friday March 10th.

Pure Water Fieldtrip -March 17th
Parent Conference Week of March 20th-Minimum Days
Spring Break March 27th-31st-No School
Back to School April 3rd
Biztown April 10th



Mingei Fieldtrip March 10th-Bring Sack Lunch

February Award 2017
Congratulations to our Award Winners for February! Terrific work!

We just finished Topic 9 and had our math test.  Students for the most part did great on this test.  Please make sure you take some time this weekend to go through the student portal to look at the test and go over mistakes with your child.  They seem to be understanding the concept of fractions better.

Next week we will begin Unit 10 on Measurement and Volume.

Environmental Project Presentations
We practiced our presentations today in class.  Some students found that they needed to change a few things, and practice speaking and looking up at the camera.  Please have your child practice at home this weekend.  Remind them to bring some nice clothes to record their presentation in on Monday.

We started our Biztown Unit this week.  Ask your child about what they are learning.  Show them your checkbooks, registers, and bank statements.  Talk to them about your jobs and how your work affects the  financial stability of your household.  This is a great unit to talk about these responsibilities we all face and allow our children to understand more about what we do for them.

I can still use a few more volunteers for our Biztown Fieltrip on April 10th.  Please let me know if you can help us.

Field Trip to Mingei
We have a fieldtrip this Friday to the Mingei Museum.  Please remind your child to wear good walking shoes, bring a light jacket for the weather, and a sack lunch and snack.

March 14 is Pi Day
We would like to celebrate Pi Day with some pies.  Please send a pie if you can on Tuesday, March 14th so we can talk about circles and Pi.

Pictures from our Spirit Days

Crazy Hats
Crazy Hats
Pajama Day
Pajama Day
Look at our crazy socks Crazy Socks Crazy Socks