Valentine’s Day Party

Valentine’s Day is Tuesday, February 14th

Practice your handwriting to write a special note for each of your friends and tell them how much you appreciate them.  I’ve sent home the list of names of the students in our classroom so students can write a short note to each one of their classmates.
We would like to have a Valentine’s Day Party to celebrate our friendships and spread love and kindness.
We are also currently learning about making healthy food choices and nutrition. Please take some time to discuss with your child what they might be able to contribute to our Valentine’s Day party. Decide what food groups your contribution represents and how much one serving would be. What other foods will your child need to eat that day to have a “balanced diet.”
If you are able to help us on Valentine’s Day, we will have our party at 1:00pm. Please join us if you can.
-Thanks for your support.

Fieldtrips in March and April
We have some wonderful fieldtrips lined up for March and April:

I am looking for 6 volunteers to help with a very special trip to Biztown on April 10th.  This is a fabulous all day experience that our students will long remember.  Students will visit Biztown, a mini city that they will run for the day.  Parents will be needed to help our students run their businesses and make transactions in this mini economy. We are very fortunate to have received a $1800.00 grant to cover most of the experiences for our 5th grade students to participate!  Check out this news video about Biztown:  Please volunteer if you can to help us on this fieldtrip.  It is a wonderful program, and I highly recommend it!

Mingei Museum: The Erik Gronberg Experience
I have been collecting permission slips for our fieldtrip to the Mingei Museum on March 10th where we will see the work of sculpture artist Erik Gronberg.  Gronberg’s work is dynamic and fascinating.  This program will give students an opportunity to experience his provocative work and explore some of the artistic techniques that he used.  This very special program is covered by a grant from the Mingei Museum.  (Thank you, we have a chaperone for this fieldtrip.)

Pure Water San Diego
On March 17th to visit a water treatment plant.  This is a fascinating topic for us, to learn how San Diego is stepping into the future in dealing with our community water needs.  Students will learn about where our water comes from, and where it goes.  They will see how science can help us in providing safe and clean water for all our needs.  This fieldtrip is also sponsored through generous donations.  Permission slips for this fieldtrip will be sent home next week

We are so lucky for all these opportunities.  Please take a look in your calendar. If you are available to chaperone-especially on April 10th, please let me know.  Parent volunteers need to make sure that their volunteer application is on file in the office.  You will also need to make sure that your TB test is up to date.  

Healthy Eating
Our class is starting a Health unit and learning about making healthy food choices. You can help your child by talking about the foods you eat and helping them decide which food groups are included in your daily meals.  There are lots of resources available online to find out more.  Checkout
Encourage your child to play games and learn about making healthy choices

Pearson Math
We are near the end of our Topic 8 math unit.  We plan to finish up next week and take our tests.  Check your child’s progress on the Quick Checks online.  See if they need to go over certain skills or concepts.  Encourage them to study before we take our Topic 8 test on Wednesday.

After Topic 8 we will also take a Cumulative Benchmark Assessment to see how we are doing on all the topics 1 through 8 so far.


Spirit Day Wear Red or Pink-February 14th
No school on February 17, 20th- President Holidays
School Friendship Dance February 24th
Spirit Week and Read Across America February 27-March 3
Mingei Fieldtrip March 10th
Pure Water Fieldtrip March 17th
Parent Conference Week of March 20th-Minimum Days
Spring Break March 27th-31st-No School
Back to School April 3rd
Biztown April 10th


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