Happy February

January Awards

1st Place Attendance
Congratulations to the class for doing such a good job on our attendance!  We got the 1st Place Attendance Award for January.  Coming to school everyday helps us all to do better in school.  We all have been doing much better keeping up with the material and have been more productive.  Keep up the good work!

Pearson Math
We have finished Topic 7-Adding and Subtracting Fraction and are now working on Topic 8-Multiplying Fractions.  We took the Unit Topic Assessment last Wednesday.  Student test result are posted online, and you can see your child’s scores. Sign into Pearson through the student portal on the Nye Website.

Please take some time to review the test with your child.  Go over the questions that they missed and have them think through their mistakes so they can learn from them.  Our next topic builds upon what we have learned so far, so going back over their mistakes can help your child be more successful in the next unit.

Scholastic Book Club
I’ve sent home some book club catalogues last week.  You can order from any of the available catalogues online.  Please put in your online order by Wednesday February 15th, so I can submit the order.  If this is your first time ordering online, you will need to enter our class code:  QJ3YR

Valentine’s Day and Candy Grams 
On Tuesday, February 14th we are having a Spirit Day.  Students should wear red, pink, or white to school.
Candy grams are being sold by the ASB at recess for $.50 each.  Students and parents can buy  candy grams for classmates, which will be delivered on Valentine’s Day.  Be sure that your child knows the name of their friends and what room number the candy gram should be delivered to.
We would also like  to have a Valentine’s Day party in our classroom.  I would like to encourage students to practice using nice handwriting and write a nice note to their friend for that day.  We will allow students to deliver their cards and notes in the afternoon on Valentine’s Day.  We would love some donations of some goodies to share that afternoon around 1:00 pm.  I encourage our class to bring some healthier choices, rather than a lot of candy.  Please talk to your child about what you might be able to donate to our celebration that day and we will make our list in class.  Parents who are able to come in to help us and set up can arrive around 12:40.

PTA Friendship Dance
The PTA and ASB will be sponsoring a Friendship Dance on February 24th.  Student will need to bring $1.00 or a new pair of socks to donate for entrance fee.  Food will be on sale at the event.

No school on February 17, 20th- President Holidays
School Friendship Dance February 24th
Mingei Fieldtrip March 10th
Parent Conference Week of March 20th-Minimum Days
Spring Break March 27th-31st-No School
Back to School April 3rd
Biztown April 10th


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