Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Chinese New Year
January 28th hosts the Chinese New Year of the Chicken, so we would like to celebrate Chinese New Year’s  on Monday, January 30th.  Remind your child to wear red on Monday.  Please send some goodies that we can share in the classroom in the afternoon.  We will need tangerines, noodles dishes, and other yummy Asian foods that students can try, plates, and disposable chopsticks so that everyone can try using them, drinks and cup.  Please talk to your child about what they may bring and we will make a list in class.

Pearson Math
We are finishing our unit Topic 7 on adding and subtracting fractions.  Check in with your child to make sure that they have completed their online work for the unit.  Check the results on their Quick Checks and Practice Buddy.  Go over the problems that they got wrong and help them to review so they will be ready for the end of unit assessment.  We will take the test on Wednesday if everything goes on schedule.

ST Math
Your child can work on ST Math at home.  It is a fun and engaging way for them to improve their math skills and work on math concepts.  The more time they spend on ST Math, the stronger their math understanding becomes.  Please encourage your child to put in some time on ST Math at home.

Language Arts
Students are starting to synthesize their research on their environment project to write their research paper.  You can help your child at home by asking them about their topic and discussing what they are working on and what they have learned.

Pictures from our Dress for Success March
Celebrating Martin Luther King and Activism




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