Dress For Success March on Tuesday, January 17th

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Dress for Success March
We celebrate Martin Luther King  Jr. life and accomplishments this Monday with a holiday.  On Tuesday, January 17th, our school will hold a Dressed for Success March to remind us all of our ability to affect our world in a positive way.  Remember to come to school on Tuesday “dressed for success”  and show your school spirit.

Pearson Math
We have finished Topic 6 in PearsonRealize.  Parents and students can go online to see the assessment results.  Please take some time to review the tests, and go back over problems that were missed to find mistakes and correct them.

We are now starting Topic 7 which focuses on adding and subtracting equivalent fractions.  Students will have finished Topic 2 at the end of this week.  We are trying to flip the lesson, so students are reading the lesson pages on their own and doing the homework lessons, before we do the practice section together in class.  This seems to be helpful for more students because they can come back to me with questions and we can address misconceptions after they have thought about the math concepts ahead of time.  Again, I can’t overstate how helpful it is for students to use the online material and to try to work a little ahead of the lessons.  Please encourage your child to keep up with their math work and online material.

Environments Project
Students are working on their Environment Project.  They are coming up with research questions to guide their study.  Please check in with your child and ask them what they are focusing on.  You can help them by taking them to the library to find books, read newspaper articles and magazines on their topic, and find information online.  Click on the Environments Page above or here to find out more.

Chuck E Cheese Fundraiser
On Wednesday, January 18th, 12:30-9:00  Nye will host a Chuck E Cheese fundraiser.  Invite all your friends and family to come have some pizza, play some games, and have a great time.  A flyer with coupons has been sent home.  Feel free to make copies.  Chuck E Cheese will donate 15% of the proceeds back to our school.


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