Winter Break December 19- January 2, 1017

Winter Celebration
Tomorrow is the last day of school before Winter Break.  Wear your festive outfits and let’s celebrate these last days of 2016.

We will have our Winter Party at 12:45 on Friday, December 16.  Please remember to bring what you signed up to share in the afternoon.   Parent, if you are available we would love to have you come join us.  I can use some help at 12:15 to set up the goodies.

Awards Ceremony
We will have our award ceremony at 8:10 tomorrow.

Field Trip to Reuben H Fleet
We had a wonderful trip to see Grand Canyon Adventure at the Reuben H Fleet Museum on Monday, December 12th.  Students were able to experiment and explore different scientific principles at the many exhibits.  Thanks again to the Fleet Center and Friends of Balboa Park who made this trip possible by giving us grants to pay for the bus and tickets.

Over this break, you can practice multiplication facts with your child.  I’ve put in some assignments that your child can do to get them ready for the last lessons of unit 6 in the online class assignment folder.  We are now working on dividing with decimal numbers.  Please have your child practice these skills.

Have a lovely Winter Break and holidays.  Be safe and enjoy each other’s company.

-Gingerlily Lowe


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