Winter Break December 19- January 2, 1017

Winter Celebration
Tomorrow is the last day of school before Winter Break.  Wear your festive outfits and let’s celebrate these last days of 2016.

We will have our Winter Party at 12:45 on Friday, December 16.  Please remember to bring what you signed up to share in the afternoon.   Parent, if you are available we would love to have you come join us.  I can use some help at 12:15 to set up the goodies.

Awards Ceremony
We will have our award ceremony at 8:10 tomorrow.

Field Trip to Reuben H Fleet
We had a wonderful trip to see Grand Canyon Adventure at the Reuben H Fleet Museum on Monday, December 12th.  Students were able to experiment and explore different scientific principles at the many exhibits.  Thanks again to the Fleet Center and Friends of Balboa Park who made this trip possible by giving us grants to pay for the bus and tickets.

Over this break, you can practice multiplication facts with your child.  I’ve put in some assignments that your child can do to get them ready for the last lessons of unit 6 in the online class assignment folder.  We are now working on dividing with decimal numbers.  Please have your child practice these skills.

Have a lovely Winter Break and holidays.  Be safe and enjoy each other’s company.

-Gingerlily Lowe


Fieldtrip on Monday, December 12th

Reuben H Fleet Science Center Fieldtrip

On Monday, December 12th we will be going to the Reuben H Fleet Science Center.  We will be seeing an IMAX show, Grand Canyon Adventure, and exploring the exhibits and activities in the gallery.

Please remember to pack a healthy sack lunch with your name on it.  Wear comfortable shoes and bring a jacket or sweatshirt for the weather.

We are especially thankful to the Reuben H Fleet Center for sponsoring our trip with a generous grant.  We would also like to thank Friends of Balboa Park who also gifted us a grant to pay for one of our busses for the trip.  Thank you all so much for making this possible.

Pearson Math
We have just finished Topic 5 and took our unit assessment.  Please take some time at home to review the test results with your child.  Log-in through the Nye Student Portal through  Go over problems that your child missed and help them to work through those problems to find their mistake.

I cannot emphasize how important it is that 5th graders get a firm grasp on their multiplication/division facts.  As you will see in looking at our unit and tests, the skills we are now working on require students to know those facts and fact families.  Practice multiplication facts regularly.  Use cards to play math games to reinforce those facts.

We will now start Topic 6, which continues on in developing division skills and concepts using decimal numbers.

Craft Day
We are planning a winter craft.  If you have some sequins, old Holiday cards that we can cut pictures out of, we would love to use them.  Please send them to school.

Student Council Canned Food Drive
Canned food drive begins December 5th and ends December 14th.  There will be decorated boxes placed throughout the school to help with the collection.  Student council will bring out the boxes in the morning, and bring them back in at the end of the day

Spirit Day on Wednesday
We will have a Spirit Day, Wednesday, December 14th:  Wear your Winter White!  Kids can dress in white to make the school feel like a “Winter Wonderland”.  Scarves, mittens, hats are also welcome!

Class Winter Celebration
We would like to have a little party on Friday, December 16th at 12:45.  Please discuss what you might like to bring to share on Friday afternoon with you child.  We will share and make a list in class to see what else we might need.