Fieldtrip to Knox on Monday, October 24th


Fieldtrip to Knox
On Monday, October 24th, our 5th graders will take a trip to Knox Middle to see the school and meet some of the students and teachers there.  This is also a great opportunity for parents to visit the school.  We will be leaving in the morning about 9:30-ish.  We will leave around 12:35 so students will need to bring a healthy sack lunch for that day.

Parents who would like to go can drive their own cars and meet us at Knox.  There may also be room on the bus, but you will have to complete the volunteer application process before riding on the bus.  Please let me know if you are planning to join us on the trip.

Pearson Realize Math
We took our Topic 3 Test on Monday this week.  Students were asked to demonstrate their ability to round, estimate, multiply multi-digit whole numbers, and construct arguments to critique the math work.  I’m glad to report that most of the students did fairly well on the assessment.  We still a few students who can work on their math facts, especially with multiplication fact families.

Parents can check your students results online by having your child sign on to Pearson Realize Math through the student portal and going to the completed assignments folder to see tests results.  Parents and students can also view the actual questions and analyze the answers given for mistakes and misconceptions.

We have started working on Topic 4, multiplying with decimals.  Students should have all the pages in their workbook and online activities through lesson 4-3 completed by the weekend.  Parents can help by looking over your child’s work, and checking the online assignments.  Lesson videos are great resources for both parents and students to see what we are working on in class.

Nye Articulation

We had a very informative meeting on Tuesday.  Parents who came saw presentations from CPMA, Millenial Tech, Francis Parker, Preuss Charter, and the district representative who gave us information for the application process for Choice.  It was interesting to find out that transportation is also provided for students attending CPMA right here in front of Nye, and there is also transportation available for Preuss.
The most important take away is that parents and students who are interested in having some choices for next year need to make sure that they get their applications submitted now.  District window for choice closes on november 14th , and the charter schools will all have their own application deadlines and process.

Picture Day is Thursday, October 20th


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