Choice is Open and 5th Grade Math Test

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Classroom Restructuring
In order to balance classrooms due to decreased enrollment, our school is restructuring some classrooms and our 4/5 combo class is affected in the transition. This means that the fourth graders will be moving into a straight 4th grade in Ms.Campos’ class in room B4. Our fifth graders will be staying in this class and will have the benefit of being a very small straight 5th grade classroom for a few weeks. At the end of the grading period (which is at the end of October) there may be a small restructuring of the 5th grade classes. Mostly that means that some students from the other 5th grade rooms may be moved into this classroom.

I have come to love my class as I’ve gotten to know each one of my students and will miss our fourth graders. But his is a good opportunity for all our students to be in a straight grade level.

Our fourth graders came up with some lessons that they will take with them wherever they go.  I think these are terrific, and I hope they remember them:

-Be prepared. When you are prepared with your things and your mind you will have more time to learn.
-Have a positive attitude. With a positive attitude, it somebody shows you something that’s wrong, you can just fix it.
-Be on time and rested, so you can learn more.
-Unlock your full potential. Try new things.
-Always try your best.
-Be self-directed. Know what you need to do, then do it.
-Participate. Raise your hand and think about the lessons.

Best wishes to my 4th graders. Work hard for Ms. Campos and we’ll see you later. 🙂

5th Grade Math Test
We will be finishing Topic 3 in Pearson Realize Math and will be taking our Topic Assessment on Friday or Monday (depending on our review).  Topic 3  focused on multiplying larger numbers, using partial products algorithm, and estimation to check if our answers are reasonable.  Please make sure that your child is keeping up on their homework and classwork.  Check in with them to see if they need to go over anything.  Remind them to study- to go over the topic skills and concepts, to read carefully and take their time in order to understand what the tasks is.  .

Knox Articulation Visit
On October 24th, we will have a fieldtrip to Knox Middle School.  Parents are welcome to join us, but you may need to drive yourself or carpool over.  Students should pack a sack lunch on that day.  They will also be invited to visit the student store if they like, so they can bring a couple dollars with them.   Permission slip are going home this week .  Please sign and return them back to school as soon as possible.

Choice Application Window
This is the last year for our 5th grade students at Nye.  5th grade families now have the opportunity to choose which program will best fit their educational needs.  There are many different programs to consider.

There are many different charter schools each offering their own program.  Charter schools each have their own application process and timeline.  It is a good idea to visit them before you apply.

Within the district there are also many different choices.  You can check out the neighborhood schools, or you might consider a magnet program.  Magnet schools in the district also offer different programs such as: Bilingual Mandarin, Fine Arts, International Studies, Spanish Immersion, and many others.  The online application for Choice is open now through November 14th.

Make sure you put your application in before the closing date for next year.

Nye Articulation Meeting is on Tuesday, October 18th 1:00-2:15
Parents, come to learn about some of the schools your child can attend for 6th grade next year.  We will have representatives from Millenial Tech Middle, Preuss, CPMA-Creative, Performing and Media Arts School, Francis Parker, and a representative from the CHOICE office will al be here to answer questions about neighborhood enrollment.  Meeting will be held in the auditorium.



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