Student Council Elections

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Looking For Student Council Leaders

Have a good idea for our school?  Want to make our school better?  Want to be of service to your community?  Maybe you should run for one of the Student Council positions.

In fifth grade we are looking for a Student Council President, and a Historian.  If you are in fourth grade you could run for Student Council Secretary.

Students who are interested in running for a position should write a short speech about their ideas and why they are a good candidate.  Classrooms will run a primary election on Friday.  The winners of the classroom primaries will then be put on the general ballot for the school to vote on.

Students will be given time to campaign by posting their speeches online, making posters to get the word out, and meeting their constituency over the course of the next month before Election Day.  From our elections our student body governance will consist of:
5th grade-President, Vice, President, Historian, and three 5th grade representatives
4th grade-Secretary, Commissioner of Activities, and 4th grade representative
3rd grade-three classroom representatives

Best of luck to all the candidates.  Have fun, and be good sports and model citizens.

Memorize Your Math Facts and Multiplication Facts
Topic 3 in Pearson Realize uses multiplication facts (that students should already know from 3rd grade) to solve problems.  Please practice math facts with your child regularly.  Make sure that they know their multiplication and division fact families (for example: 4, 3, 12 –is a fact family because 4×3=12  3×4=12  12/3=4  12/4=3).  Practice these basic math facts while you are walking home, in the car, shopping, etc.

At 4th and 5th grade, students are expected to already know simple addition and subtraction facts as well.  Check in with your child.  If they are still having trouble adding 8 + 8, 9 + 4, 6+ 5 please practice with them so they can quickly retrieve the answers.  Practice numbers to make “10”.  Subtract 10s and 100s from larger numbers.

Federal Impact Survey Cards
Yellow Federal Impact Survey Cards were sent home on Wednesday October 5th.  Parents, please make sure that you fill it out completely and sign it.  Return the cards promptly to school.  This is how your child is counted and federal funds are allocated to the school.

Box Tops for Education
Our school is collecting “Box Tops for Education”.  It’s easy!  Check your boxes at home.  Cut the box top tag out and send them back to school.

Scholastic Book Orders
Class Code – QJ3YR
Order Due Date – 10/12/16

October’s Scholastic Reading Club flyers are now available! Please take a few moments to explore the selection together and let your child help choose books he or she is excited to read.
You can order online at, where you’ll find a wide selection of quality
children’s books that are just right for your child’s reading level and interests. Or return your paper order form to me with a check made out to “Scholastic Reading Club.”
Remember, you help our class earn FREE Books and supplies with every order.  Thank you for
supporting your child’s reading both at home and in the classroom!

Voting is important.  When you vote, you set an example for your children to participate in our democracy.  Your vote can make a difference to your child’s education.   Register to vote if you haven’t already done so and then go out and VOTE!

San Diego Educators’ Association and CTA support Sharon Whitehurst-Payne for School Board and Yes on 55 to maintain school funding.


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