Order Books Online with classcode: QJ3YR

September Awards
Congratulations to our first set of Award winners: Giosue, Zanira, Chance, Yusef, and Amya.  We are looking forward to seeing more great work during the rest of the year.

Scholastic Book Club
I think we finally have a solution for our Scholastic Books account!  Try it out and please let me know if you are having any problems logging on to join my classroom.  The bookclub has great prices, and there are always $1 book selections to choose from.  Remember that you can also look at the flyers for any grade level so there are plenty of choices and it’s easy to find the appropriate level reader for you child.

Go online to order Scholastic books through the bookclub and we will earn points for free books for our classroom.   We have a new classroom code: QJ3YR  You will need this code to join our class the first time you go on.  You will be able to see all the available catalogues online. Sometimes, I may have a wishlist for books for our class.  If you are able to help us, we would appreciate your generosity.  Ordering online is very easy.  This saves me a lot of time, and we also do not have to pay for shipping when the orders are done online.

Pearson Math
We have just completed Topic 2 in both 4th and 5th grade.  Students have taken their tests online.  You can go online to see the results and their test scores.  Have your child log in through the Nye Student Portal to Pearson Realize.  You can find your child’s test under the finished assignments.  Click on the Topic Assessment to see how they did.  You can also view the questions by clicking on those questions they got and missed.

Help your child by going over their work with them.  Practice the skills that they missed.  Students can better their grades by studying their missed problems and skills they are still having trouble with.  When they are ready, they may retake the topic test on paper.  If they better their score, I will take that score instead.   I’ve encouraged our class to keep working on improving their grades and I hope you will do the same and help them at home to catch up.

This week we will start Topic 3.  Please encourage your child to keep up with the online practice work.

ST Math
Last week our class started working in ST Math.  This is a great online math program which builds students’ spatial and temporal math concept and understanding.  It is very visual and fun for our students.  We would like to encourage at least 90 minutes a week work on ST Math.  Please have your child use the program whenever they can at home after they are finished with their main homework assignments.

Students should sign in using Clever, which you can find through the Nye student page.

Writer’s Workshop
Students are working in their Writer’s Notebook on their Personal Narrative.  Take some time to read what your child has written so far.  You can help them by talking through the details and asking them questions.  Students can type their stories and save them on their USB drives to bring them back and forth to school and home.

We had some technical difficulties last week for several days and were offline and with no phone.  Sorry if I didn’t get your messages, or phone calls.  We are now back up online.  Thank you for your support and patience.



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