Back to School Night is September 22nd @ 5:30

Fall Scarecrows Fall Scarecrows

It’s Back To School Night on Thursday September 22nd
Please join us on Back to School Night at 5:30  in the Auditorium.  Join our PTA and find out how you can get involved to help our students.  Classroom visits will be at 6:00.  Our classroom and 5th grade team will be hosting a Hot Dog Social for our upper grade team families after the class visit.  Come to learn more about our program this year and how you can help your child succeed, and have a hot dog on us!

Pearson Realize Math Program
We have started working with the new online resources through Pearson Realize.  Students need to log in through the district portal.  From there they will see assignments connected to their Topic learning unit.  There are animated lessons, practice lessons, quick checks and Topic assessments at the end of the unit.

Students can also access the online book and lessons if they are absent from class to keep up with what the class is covering.  Please have your child show you what their online math looks like.  You will also be able to see what assignments they have completed, and what skills they may still need more help with.

Khan Academy
Our class now all have an account to Khan Academy.  This is a very powerful program to help your child learn.  There are many different course available, including a free SAT study program that your child can work up to through their high school education.

Khan Academy has wonderful Math Mission at each grade level to help tutor students through math standard skills.  I’ve asked all our students to work on a math mission this year.  You can help your child by signing up as one of their coaches.  Please ask your child to show you this program and encourage them to use it whenever they have some free time.

Scholastics Book Club
I’m so sorry about the book club.  I’ve called them four times in the last couple weeks.  Apparently this is a major problem and my classroom account is not the only one they are having trouble getting fixed.  So again, I will let you know when we can start ordering.  For now, we will be patient.

Denise Tabari Visits
Thank you Young Audiences of San Diego and artist, Denise Tabari who came to do an art project with our class on September 20th.  Students practice their listening skills to follow directions and make a little scarecrow puppet for fall.  They are just lovely!
Fall Scarecrows  Fall Scarecrows Fall Scarecrows Fall Scarecrows  Fall Scarecrows Fall Scarecrows Fall Scarecrow



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