Music Applications Are Due

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This year our 4th and 5th graders will all be participating in a music course: band, choir, or orchestra.  Please make sure that your child has turned in their application.  Music teachers will be here on Thursday to meet with the students.  5th graders will meet at 12:10 and 4th graders at 1:00.

LCFF Forms
Students will be coming home with a LCFF survey to be completed by their parent or guardian.  Please check in with your child to see if they have the form.  We received about half for the class today, and I expect we will have the rest of them sent home later in the week.

5th Grade Choice Program
This year the district has changed the application date for Choice.  As your 5th graders will be going to a new school next year for their 6th grade, you have a lot of decisions to make about the program that you would like to enroll them in.  There are many different Charter Schools, each with their own program mission and vision, and application process and timeline.  The district schools fall under Choice.  There is one online application which will be available October 3rd.  The application closes on November 14th.  That means it is a good idea to start your research now, so you will have an idea of which schools to apply to.

Nye will do our articulation meeting on October 18th.  We will invite a few schools to come give a very short presentation about their program.  This will give you a chance to come here to Nye to see what a few of the other schools are offering in their program.

Remember, if you are planning to apply to School Choice, you must complete and submit this application by November 14th.

Here is the link for the application page:

Back to School Night and Hot Dog Social
Back to School Night is on Thursday, September 22nd.  Introductions and PTA will  start at 5:30 at the auditorium, and classroom visits will start at 6:00.  Our team will also have a little hot dog social right after our classroom visit in the grassy area by our rooms.  Please join us to find out more about our class, how you can keep up with your child’s progress, and help us have a successful and great year.


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