Dr. P. Noguera, Speaker at Lincoln High-Sept 8th, 5:30


This first concept in math that we will be working on is about place value.  Students in both 4th and 5th grade have their new math books.  Please check in with your child every evening on their math homework. Usually they will be doing a homework page from this book.  There are lesson pages that students will be able to go back over and review if they need more help to do their work.

You can also help your child by going over these lesson pages with them the night before.  Students will be assigned to read over the lesson materials and answer some questions before we work on the problems together in the guided practice.  Then when our groups meet, we can use the time better to answer questions and solve problems.

Students will eventually also have access to online materials to help them in their math.  More information will be coming about that later.

Scholastics Book Order
Scholastics apparently has been having some bugs on their website, so our families have been unable to join my class to order books right now.  Please be patient. For now, just hold off on ordering.  I will let you know through Class Dojo when I hear back from Scholastics that they have fixed the problem.

Online Work and Resources
Our 4th and 5th grade students will have access to many wonderful online resources.  This week we started to look at:
NewsELA https://newsela.com/  and
Spelling City  https://www.spellingcity.com/

Students will be expected to read articles regularly in NewsELA and to use the quizzes to practice their reading skills.  They will also be expected to work independently on the spelling list using the available learning games to master those words in Spelling City.  Please take a look at these sites, and encourage your child to also use the programs at home when they have some free time.

We will also start to work in Khan Academy https://www.khanacademy.org  This is an incredibly powerful resource for our students to improve their skills in math and many other academic areas.  Students can use this program as an online tutor when they need more help, and also to advance their learning beyond what we might cover in class.  Please take time to look at this program, and sign on to also be your child’s coach.  It will send you progress information to your email so you keep track of how your child is learning and what they might need more help in.

SDUSD Poster Photo
Our school will be featured on the SDUSD area 1 poster.  We will be taking our picture tomorrow at 10:00.  Please have your child wear a navy blue shirt or Nye t-shirt for the picture.

Dr Pedro Noguera -“Excellence through Equity”
There will be an open community meeting on Thursday, September 8th, @ 5:30  at Lincoln High School (4777 Imperial Avenue).  Dr. Pedro Noguera, author of “Excellence through Equity” will be here to talk about the transformative power of equity and education and how to empower African, African-American, and Latino learners.  For more information call 619-293-4431.



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