5th Grade T-Shirts on Sale

Music Concert
On June 2nd, our students put on a lovely concert.  It was wonderful to see how much they had learned this year with only 1 class a week.  Many students started with their instruments only this year.  We hope this grows to something they may love and continue to appreciate for the rest of their lives.
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Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to our students who did a terrific job singing to open up our final Awards Assembly for the year.  We also want to congratulate our students Lynnette, Althea, Audrey, Sam, Collin, Zoriyah, and Angelika who had perfect attendance for the entire year and Abram who received the Principal’s Award for our class.
5th Grade T -Shirts on Sale
5th grade t-shirts are on sale for $7.00. We would really like all the 5th graders to buy one so they can wear them to our Adults versus the 5th Graders Kickball game. Please send your order back ASAP. We would like to get them all back before Friday, June 10th.
End of Year Activities
A letter was sent home with dates for our end of year activities.  Our 4th graders will be participating in most of the activities with a few exceptions, the yearbook signing hour and the graduation ceremony.  We will have a little party with the fourth graders on the last day of school, after the 5th graders have graduated.
We are looking for some food and party donations for our last week events.
For the 5th grade barbecue (which our 4th grader will also attend)  we have gotten lots of chip responses, but no hot dogs.  If you haven’t sent back the letter, we could really use some hot dogs for the barbecue.
For the last day of school, 4th graders would like to have a little party at the end of the day.  We are looking for some yummy donations and would appreciate your help  if you are able to come in to help.  I’m expecting to start around 12:3- ish.  I’ll have more info coming later.
Lots of fun and special activities ahead.

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