Remember to Wear Red, White, or Blue on Thursday

Red, White, or Blue
Remember to wear red, white, or blue on Thursday, May 12th.  We will be taking a team picture.

Colonial Day and Open House on May 25th
Students need to put together a costume for Colonial Day which will be on May 25th. They have taken home a letter with a description of what boys and girls wore at the time. I’ve also reminded them the the British colonist were not the only ones who were here. There were native inhabitants and explorers from other countries and slaves as well. Students should do some online research and find or make items that they can wear for our special event. We will be celebrating Colonial Day both during school and for open house that evening of May 25th.

Here are a few websites to get some ideas:
Here’s an idea to make a trifold hat or cap:

State Science Test for 5th Graders
On Tuesday, May 17th, our 5th grade students will be taking their Science State Test. Please encourage your child to go online to review science concepts from 4th and 5th grade this next week as all our students can benefit from thinking more about this content. They can watch videos about Earth Science: rocks and minerals,  rock cycle, solar system, and weather; Chemistry: chemical reactions, chemical properties;  Physics: electric circuits and magnetism; and Life Science:  food chains/webs, environments.

Both 4th and 5th graders can look over CA released test questions to see what some of the questions might look like, and go online to find more information and videos to review.

Thank You Dano Family!
We have been out of toner for our printer in class.  Thank you Dano Family for buying us a cartridge!  We are so, so grateful!

We have been very sparing with our class printing, but if anyone else is willing to help up get more toner we will be able to do more printing of student writing and work.  Our printer number is HP 2055dn.  Higher yield cartridges are what we really need.

Nye Dance
On Friday, May 13th, the 4th grade team and Nye PTA will be holding a school dance party.  The theme is the 90’s.  So get your dancing shoes on!  Ticket $2.00 entrance.  There will be refreshments for sale.



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