Thank you for a lovely Teacher Appreciation Week!

Thank you all for a wonderful week.  I received beautiful cards, hugs, and thoughtful gifts.  And we all had such a nice lunch on Wednesday from the PTA.   I love teaching your kids!  Thank you.

5th Grade Yearbook Dedications
Please send your 5th grade dedications in ASAP.  There are only 30 spots available.  The dedications can be something family wants to say in the yearbook to congratulate their fifth grader or something for the whole class.  5th graders may also want to put in a message for their own friends.  Dedications are only $5.00 each (this is to help pay for the extra pages in the book).

Nye Logo Contest
Friday is the last day for submissions for the school logo contest.The blackline drawing will be featured in the 5th grade yearbook.  Please remind your child to bring their drawing tomorrow. Also,remember to get your dedications in ASAP for the yearbook.

Team Picture May 12th
On Thursday,May 12th we would like to take a Team Class Picture for the yearbook. Please have your child wear red, white, or blue.  Right now, we are scheduled to do this first thing in the morning or at the end of the day (depending on the availability of our staff).  Please get your child to school on time so they can be in the picture.

SBAC Testing
Students have been working hard on their tests this week and last.  We will still have a little more to do next week.  Please make sure that your child is getting plenty of rest and is eating good nutritious food.

Thank you parents who sent some gum and mints for testing!  They really helped to keep us focused on our task.  Ask your child.  The teachers and aides proctoring the tests all noticed a big difference!

Colonial Day and Open House on Wednesday, May 25th
On May 25th our Team will celebrate Colonial Day.  Students are encouraged to dress up that day as we learn about life during Colonial times in America.  Boys will need a shirt, britches, and a hat.    Girls will need a dress, apron and caps.  Look around to see what you might be able to put together.

Our class is looking for ideas of something we can present.  Right now, we are looking at Colonial Games, but I am open to suggestions.  If you have ideas or things you might like to share and help us with on this day, please let me know.  You can email me or send me a message on ClassDojo.

Urban League Golden Pyramid Awards
Congratulations to our students who went down to Golden Hall this last Saturday to receive their Golden Pyramid Medal award.  It was a very nice ceremony to celebrate our students good work and progress.  Thank you to the Urban League for including our students in this lovely ceremony.  Please bring your medal to school on Monday May 9th so we can take a group picture.

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