BizTown Tomorrow!

Businesses Plan for BizTown
Our fieldtrip is on Thursday, April 14th.  Please remember to bring a sack lunch with your name and business clearly labeled.  Dress appropriately for your job.  Do not bring a backpack to school.   Remember that we will be returning at 2:30 pm.

Growth Mindset
As you may have heard and seen on ClassDojo, we have been talking about growth mindset and how we can become better learners in our class.  There has been a lot of research on this.  Here is a video link about how our brain grows:

Watch these at home with your child and discuss them, so they can make smart choices when they approach new or challenging things.

A couple other ones that might be interesting to you:

This is a longer lecture on the topic:


Student Pretest for Watershed Heroes
Please use this link to take the pretest:




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