Nye Goes to Biztown! April 14th

Richard for Mayor

Biztown Mayor Elected
Congratulations to our new mayor of Biztown.  Candidates from each of the 5th grade classrooms gave their speech before our runoff election.  All three candidates were very impressive and it was a close race.  But the winner and new mayor of Biztown was non-other than our own Richard.  Good job! We look to your leadership in running a smooth town at Biztown.

A Note from our New Mayor:
Please give Ms. Rakeisha a shout out on the newsletter:  
Ms. Rakeisha helped me be more confident in making speeches and prepared me to be more confident in front of  my peers.  Also she made me the cover of my own magazine that made me feel successful, so I want to thank her.  Because of what she did for me I want to let her know that I love my picture and thank her for making me a better mayor.  

This is my first job as mayor so I want to make sure that my peers know that I am working for them.  Thank you for helping me with my first duty as the mayor.  

Biztown Fieldtrip on Thursday, April 14th
Students have been meeting with their business teams to come up with their business and accounting plans this week.   We are very busy and working hard in finishing up our last few activities in preparation for our BizTown fieldtrip on Thursday, April 14th.

Students have taken home their visit reminder letter and parent volunteer maps.  If you are volunteering on Thursday, please look for both letters.  Parent volunteers are expected to be there at 8:00 am for training.  We will meet you there.  Remember to bring a lunch for yourselves.  At the end of the day you will be able to pick up your child and leave from BizTown rather than follow the bus back to school.  (We may need you to sign out your child–we’ll check on that.)

Student should not bring their backpacks on Thursday, as we will not be using them, and will not be coming back to the classroom to pick them up.  Please make sure that your child has a sacklunch labeled with their name and business clearly written on the outside of the bag.  Please note that sudents will be getting back to school ~2:30 on Thursday.  Make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for your their JA BizTown business position, and wearing comfortable shoes-as they will be on their feet most of  the day.

Watershed Heroes Zoo Fieldtrip
Students have taken home a fieldtrip permission slip for a Zoo trip on Monday, May 2nd.  Please make sure that you have checked in with your child to sign and send back the permission slip.  ( I think we are missing 5 slips.)

GATE Testing
5th graders and students new to our district will be taking a GATE test next Friday.  Students need to return the green permission slip before they can participate.  Please make sure that you get the paperwork returned ASAP if you would like your child to be included.

We have been studying our body systems in class.  Students have an “alimentary canal” to finish coloring by Monday.  Remind your child to finish it if they still have coloring to complete and to bring it back to school on Monday.

Google Docs
This week students signed into their Google Drives and learned about using Google Docs.  I’m so excited that our class has access to this wonderful resource.  Students can work on projects and share their work with their teachers and other students to work collaboratively.  Ask them to show you what they can do.

Remind your child to type in their stories or transfer their writing to Google Docs so they can access these anywhere they have the internet.



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