Spring Break-March 25th-April 1st

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BizTown Job Interviews and Primary Election for Mayor
Your child will be interviewing for a job at BizTown on Thursday, March 24th.  Students will be competing against students from all three classrooms (Ms Robinson, Ms. Nafferete, and our classroom) for the positions. Students will need to have their Job Application Form completed. I also encourage our students to dress for their interview and to bring a resume to hand in with their application.  Please practice a short interview with your child.   This will give them confidence as we go through the process.

We will also open an election process for the BizTown Mayor. Mayoral candidates will need to write a speech to introduce themselves to the citizens of BizTown and convince them that they are good leaders for the BizTown community. I will be asking students to formally announce their intent to run for this position on Thursday.  They will deliver their speech and we will do a primary run in our classroom on Friday.

After Spring Break our classroom nominee will to give their speech to all three classes on Monday and students will vote for Mayor. Please talk to your child about these opportunities for experience and encourage them to do their best and have fun.

Thanks for your help.

Group Reading Books
Remember to order your reading book from Scholastic by Friday so I can put the order through.  (You can also send the order to school with $1.00.) Order books online at Scholastic Book Club  https://clubs2.scholastic.com/  If this is your 1st time ordering books our class code is GWTQW.  You will only need this code the first time that you order.

Report Cards
Second Trimester Report Cards are being passed out at Parent Conferences.  If your child did not have a Parent Conference scheduled this spring, then report cards will come home on Friday with your child.  Please check your child’s binder.

Free Spring Intersession Lunches
Free Spring Intersession Lunches are available to any child under 18.  There is no paperwork involved.  Check with your local recreation center for time and locations.

Kids Create Recipe Contest
Put on your apron and create a breakfast burrito or breakfast bowl to enter the third annual Kids Create Recipe Contest.  There are some great prizes like a Kindle Fire for 1st place, and Amazon gift cards for 2nd and 3rd.  The contest entries must be submitted by April 15th.
Click here to download the contest application

End of Trimester Spring Celebration
We are having a Spring Celebration on Friday at 10:45-ish. Students have been working on fractions and I would like to encourage them all to practice their fraction skills by looking at a recipe and working out how to multiply or divide the measurements in order to double or halve the recipe. They can then make something for our celebration and bring it to school to share with their classmates.

Please join us if your are able. We’d love to have you.

Awards Ceremony is on Friday, March 25th at 8:10


Minimum Days and Parent Conferences

Minimum Days March 21-25
Next week we will have minimum days and Parent Conferences.  If you are conferencing with me, be sure to check your schedule.  (I sent back the letter circled with your time, and you should have also gotten a reminder letter on Thursday.)  I look forward to seeing you.

Parents will receive their child’s report card at the conference.  If you are not conferencing with me, your child will bring their report card home at the end of the week.


Reading Group Books
We are making plans for our next reading group selection.  We are hoping parents can help us buy the $1.00 selection from Scholastic Book Club.  Each child is bringing home the book club order for their group selection on Friday.  You can always order other books, but we would appreciate your help if each child could order the $1.00 book for their group reading.  You can do this online or send in $1.00.

Group 4 are finishing Hatchet this weekend.  They are going to start Tuck Everlasting next week.  They would like to get a book called Ely from the 5th grade April Scholastic catalog.

Group 3 have finished a book titled Magician.  We are now reading a book about Puppets.  They would like the $1.00 book, Lemonade War from the 4th Grade April Scholastic catalog.

Groups 2 and 1 would like to get A Roald Dahl book, Esio Trot from the 4th grade Scholastic March Catalog.  Group 2 have finished reading Magicians and are now reading a book about Puppets.  Group 1 is reading a favorite, Bunnicula.

We would really appreciate it if every parent could help us with this, and if you are able to order an extra book or two our students who are in need would be so appreciative of your help and generosity.  You can order books online at Scholastic Book Club  https://clubs2.scholastic.com/ for 1.00, or send your order to school by the end of the week.  We will put the order through, and hopefully books will arrive shortly after we are back from Spring Break.

Fraction Practice and Spring Celebration
Our 4th and 5th graders have completed their concept units about Fractions and taken their Unit tests.  We would like to practice our fraction skills by preparing a recipe to make a treat for our classmates.  Students can find a recipe to practice measurement fractions.  They can practice multiplying or dividing the recipe ingredients–for example making a double batch of something, or cutting a recipe in half.   If students want to make a punch or lemonade, they would have to figure out how many portions of lemonade powder they need for the class and adjust the recipe to make enough servings.  Students may plan with a partner and do a recipe together if they like.  We would like to have a Spring celebration on Friday, March 25th, in which students can bring in what they made.

We have 35 people in our class, so students can use that in their formula.  We can also use some paper plates, napkins, cups, etc.   If you can join us, we would love your help on Friday at 10:45.

Biz Town
Students have finished their unit on financial literacy.  They brought a letter home explaining what they learned in that unit.  We are currently working on a unit about community and economics.  Students had fun this week designing a product with their team.  Engage them to tell you about what they designed and produced.

Soon students will be applying for a job at BizTown.  They will participate in an interview process as they apply for a position.  This is a great time to talk to your child about some of their career goals and aspirations.  Spend some time to tell them about your jobs and the jobs you have done in the past.

San Diego Zoo Watershed Heroes
When we get back from Spring Break, our class will be participating in a program to learn about watersheds.  We are scheduled for an assembly and classroom workshop from the Watershed Heroes, and our program will culminate with a fieldtrip to the San Diego Zoo on May 2nd.

It is still a bit away, but if you think you might like to join our class as a chaperone for that fieldtrip, I hope this gives you plenty of time to reserve it in your calendar.  Please let me know if you are interested in attending.  As always, parent volunteers must have a volunteer application on file at the office.

Awards March 25th
Congratulations to our March awards recipients.  We are so proud of Ashley, Kenneth, Estreya, Manuel, and Alexander N.  Please join us on the blacktop at 8:10 on Friday, March 25th if you are able to do so as we celebrate their good work and achievements.

Please Return Parent Conference Letters

Some Twins (Triplets) from Twin Day

Parent Conferences
Thank you for returning Parent Conference letters.  I have been slotting your requests into our schedule and returning the letter with the date and time circled for your appointment if you are seeing me.

Please check with your child if you think that you should be getting a confirmation of your appointment time.   They may still have it in their binder.  Some students have been forgetting to bring the parent conference letters back to school, so please check with them if you haven’t seen your time confirmed.

Return Spring Portraits Envelopes
Spring portraits are now due back.  Please, if you haven’t done so already, return the payment for the pictures you are buying.  If you are sending cash, please make sure it is for the exact amount, as we do not have change in the classroom or at the office,  If you are not planning to buy all the pictures, just send the picture you don’t want back to school.


This week we have been learning about banking institutions,  how to make deposits, write and cash checks, and keep a check register.  It has been interesting for our student to think about managing their accounts.  It will be interesting to see how this will translate for them later as they will live in a world where most of these transactions are digital and happen almost invisibly.

I have gotten back permission slips and money for the bus from most of the class, but am still waiting on a few.  Please send the forms back to school ASAP, so we can make our arrangements and get our volunteers in order for the day.   If you are planning to volunteer, please remember that you need to fill out a School Volunteer Application in the office ahead of time, and have a valid TB test on file.

Biztown also has a Biztown Summer Camp  for those of you who might be interested in this summer activity:

4th graders have started working on Concept 5 about fractions and decimals.  If you have a spare change jar at home, it would be nice practice for your child to count the money and think about how to put the change together to make $1.00.   We are living in a world where students get fewer and fewer opportunities to interact with cash.  Finding ways to practice counting cash can help strengthen students’ understanding of decimals.

5th graders are close to finishing up concept 4 and will have a test on this unit probably next week.  Please have your child practice multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting fractions.  Have them go over their homework and class papers, and the Pearson unit online.

Reading and Language Arts
Daily reading at home is very important for your child as they are building the synapsis in their brains at this age.  Please make sure that your child is reading for at least 30 minutes at home every day.

Primetime Applications for next year have been sent home.  If you think that your child may need the Primetime program, please fill out the form and return to Primetime so you can get in the cue for next year.


Spring Parent Conferences will begin on March 21st


Hat Day

Spring Parent Conferences
We are now about 2/3 of the way through our year, and Spring Parent Conferences are scheduled for the week of March 21st.  This time around, I will only be scheduling some parents, as I won’t need to see everyone.  If I need to see you, your child will be bringing home a Parent Conference letter.  Please fill out a date and I will schedule you in.  Please put 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices down.  I will do my best to get your first choice on the calendar.  If there is a conflict, first come will have priority.


Nye Fundraiser at Chuck E. Cheese

On Wednesday, March 2, 2016  Nye Elementary had a Chuck E. Cheese fundraiser event.  We had so much fun eating pizza and playing all sorts of games.  Thank you to all the families who participated.


BizTown permission slips and consent forms have been sent home.  Many students have already brought back their permission slips and $5.00 to help pay for our transportation.  We are able to participate in this exciting program because we received a very generous scholarship grant and sponsorship for over $1700 .   Please, take some time to read over the letters and sign the permission slips and consent forms if you haven’t done so yet.  Then have your child return the forms to school as soon as possible.

If I Ran the Zoo Day

Spring Portraits
Students took home their Spring Pictures.  They were all just lovely.  Please have your child return money and photos that you are not planning to purchase in the envelope back to school.

Saturday School
Students who have many absences or unexcused absences have received a letter for Saturday School on March 19th from 8:00-12:00.  Please sign and return the orange letter back to school by March 11th.