Gung Hay Fat Choy! 4713-Year of the Monkey

Congratulations to B-2, 1st Place Attendance Award Winners!

Congratulations to B-2, 1st Place Attendance Award Winners!

It’s almost the Year of the Red Monkey on the Lunar Calendar.  What a great way to start off, with our class 1st place award for attendance.  Keep up the good work everyone, and let’s keep it up! (Can you find the Eagle?)

Congratulations to our award winners: Alana, Alliana, Mina, Althea, and Layla.  You girls all rock!!

2016 Jan Awards   2016 Jan Awards
2016 Jan Awards 2016 Jan Awards2016 Jan Awards2016 Jan Awards

Saturday School Opportunity
For students with absences and tardies, Nye is now offering Saturday School to help students catch up and get back on track.  Letters have been sent home.  Please complete the form and send back to school if you haven’t done so already.

Language Arts
This week we are working on Opinion/Argument writing. Students have been reading articles about the chocolate milk debate. This week we are not be taking home Common Core Reading Homework. Instead we are re-reading the articles over (and over) at home to carefully find quotes and information to use in the argument writing piece.

Please help your child to go over these sources carefully, and make sure that they are being thoughtful as to what they are quoting from the articles. They should be accurate in referencing their sources. They also should have a typed draft, and will continue to develop the piece using the computer. If they haven’t started typing it in yet, please have them work on it at home.  Please remind your child to save on both their usb drive and their computers. That way they will be able to keep transferring their work to and from school.

Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year is February 8th.  I’ve told the kids to make sure they clean their rooms and help clean the house so good luck can come and fill all the spaces.

Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year Class Celebration
We would like to celebrate these two wonderful holidays with a party on Thursday, February 11th at the end of the day.

Students can wear red or a Chinese outfit to celebrate the New Year.  They can write letters or make cards at home to pass out in class.   We would enjoy some snacks for our Chinese New Year/ Valentine’s Celebration.  Tangerines, and oranges are a symbol of gold and fortune.  Red things, for happiness.  Dumplings and noodle are also symbols for prosperity and long life.  Green vegetables are symbolic of growth.  We can use plates, napkins, disposable chopsticks.  If you are able to send something, please talk it over with your child so we can make a list in class.  Thank you!

Interim District Tests
This week we started working on our Interim Assessments.  We will finish by the 11th .  You can see your child’s results online.  The results will also give you and your child a chance to see what things they still need to work on, and what they have mastered.   Use this information at home to work more on those skills that they need practice in.  Just have your child sign into his account to show you.

State testing is coming up fast, so keep working on improving.

Class Dojo
In Class Dojo we have been watching these small videos to help us think about how to be more successful in school.  This week I sent home a few discussion questions for your child to talk to you about concern the powerful idea of “yet”.

Please take a few minutes to engage in conversation with your child.  Not only are these powerful ideas to discuss, but also the skills involved in conversation and thinking are very important in developing successful learners and ultimately successful human beings who will be citizens in our society.

Coming Up:
Starry Night
No School on February 12th and February 15th.  Have a lovely long weekend!




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