Martin Luther King Holiday-January 18th

Knox Visitation
On Friday, January 8th, our class had the opportunity to visit Knox Middle School.  Knox is the middle school that Nye feeds into, so many of our 5th grade students may be attending Knox next year.

Our fieldtrip was very nice.  It gave us a chance to see the school and see how the program is organized.  We were given tours of the campus by students at Knox.  We did some fun activities, and also got to hear their orchestra play.

It was a good fieldtrip, because it got us all thinking about our futures and also we saw that middle school is not that scary.  We thank Knox and their principal for being such nice hosts and making us feel welcomed.

Friday, January 22nd @ 1:00 pm   Nye Articulation Day
5th grade parents, please make sure to come to the articulation meeting on Friday, January 22nd.  This meeting will be held at Nye Elementary.  We will have five schools represented to give you an idea of some of the many options you have to send your child for their middle school program.  A representative from the district will also be there to answer questions about “choice” programs and the application procedures. Applications for the district choice programs are due February 15th.  Many charters have their own application and timeline.

4th graders have just completed Unit Concept 3 and have taken their assessments home.  Please take a look at it and go over the problems your child needs more practice with.

Both 4th and 5th graders will be working in Concept 4 on Fractions.  Students should keep on top of the online Pearson assignments.  You can help your child by thinking about real world fractions as you go shopping, and do chores at home.  Have students help cook and pay attention to how they use the measuring cups and spoons.  If you order a pizza, take a look at how the pie is divided before you dig in.  Find equivalent fractions (i.e. 1/2=2/4=3/6=4/8, etc.).

Science/Language Arts
Students are learning about rocks and minerals and writing on poems and raps about what they are learning.  Please remind your child to practice and memorize their poem/rap this weekend so we can present them in class.

Students can listen to other examples as they are working on their pieces:
Here is a rap about the rock cycle:
Mineralogy Rap:

Violinist Annele Kazumi Gregory
We are fortunate to have classical violinist, Annele Kazumi Gregory, come to our school on Friday, January 22nd at 8:30.  She will play a program featuring the great Russian composers.  You are welcome to join us at this assembly.

January 18th – Martin Luther King Holiday on Monday
January 19th & 20th- Minimum Days on Tuesday and Wednesday



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