Awards on January 29th

PB210006.jpgPB210005.jpgViolinist Annelle Kazumi Gregory Visits Nye With a Concert

Thank You Young Audience
On January 22nd, our 4th and 5th grade students were privileged to see Annelle Kazumi Gregory who played a concert for them.  The program was on the theme of “Great Russian Composers” and included works by Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff, Rimsky-Korsakov, and Tchaikovsky.

Annelle Kazumi Gregory is a Laureate of the 2013 Stradivarius International Violin Competition and the 2015 National Sphinx Competition as well as Gold Medalist of the 2012 National NAACP ACT-SO competition.  In 2010, as part of a national tour, she performed at Carnegie Hall as a 1st violinist of the Sphinx Virtuosi.  In 2014, Gregory released a CD with pianist Alexander Sinchuk and in 2015 recorded with organist Carol Williams.  From 2012-2015, Gregory was concertmaster and a featured soloist for the California International Music Festival Orchestra at Namedy and Weikersheim Castles, Germany.  She has performed with the La Jolla Symphony, San Diego Symphony, California Chamber Orchestra, Torrance Symphony, Bellflower Symphony, Southeast Symphony, Sphinx Symphony, and Long Beach Mozart Festival Orchestra.  Gregory has been featured on BBC Radio, American Public Media radio, KUSC radio, German Television, Detroit Public Television, and XLNC1 radio.

This was a wonderful opportunity for our students, and we thank Young Audience for bringing the program to us.

5th Grade Articulation
Many of fifth grade parents came to the articulation meeting on January 22nd to hear about some of the different options our 5th graders have for middle school next year.  The programs each have a different emphasis, and different requirements for the application process, which is fast approaching.

We appreciate the presenters who came to speak about their schools and program.  We heard a lot of excitement from our students who are now thinking about their futures.  Remember that you may end up on a waiting list.  So it is a good idea to get a few applications in so you have some options, before it is too late.

Below are links to the schools that came and presented.  There are many other options, and I urge you to look into those other schools that you may be interested in, as well.

Language Arts
You may have heard of the Chocolate Milk debate we are working on in our class. Students have been reading articles, watching videos, and collecting evidence to work on an opinion/argument piece.

They are now starting to settle on a position.  Below are two more articles I would like them to look at online:

You can encourage your child to do further research online on their own.  Remind them to write notes, find quotes, and notate the source.  Have fun!

In math both 4th and 5th graders are continuing to explore concepts in Fractions. We are developing our skills in adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators.

You can help your child by discussing fractions at home.  Finding examples of fractions in your daily lives, and thinking about how to describe them.  Ask your child to find an equivalent fraction, for example if they eat 1/4 of a pizza, what is another equivalent fraction for that amount?

I am so excited!  We are just starting to set up an aquaponic system to learn about animals and plants and how they can affect each other in a closed system.  I am so appreciative to Ecolife and the grant they offered to help with getting the basic system.

Soon we will be thinking about what plants we want to grow, and animals to keep in our fishtank.  If you have some herb or vegetable seeds to spare, we would love to have them as an option to try growing in our classroom.

Dates Coming Up:
January 29, Friday- Awards 8:10-9:10
February 1-11th  (window) – We will be taking our District Interim tests
February 11th, Friday- Lincoln Holiday, No School
February 15th, Friday- President’s Day, No School



Martin Luther King Holiday-January 18th

Knox Visitation
On Friday, January 8th, our class had the opportunity to visit Knox Middle School.  Knox is the middle school that Nye feeds into, so many of our 5th grade students may be attending Knox next year.

Our fieldtrip was very nice.  It gave us a chance to see the school and see how the program is organized.  We were given tours of the campus by students at Knox.  We did some fun activities, and also got to hear their orchestra play.

It was a good fieldtrip, because it got us all thinking about our futures and also we saw that middle school is not that scary.  We thank Knox and their principal for being such nice hosts and making us feel welcomed.

Friday, January 22nd @ 1:00 pm   Nye Articulation Day
5th grade parents, please make sure to come to the articulation meeting on Friday, January 22nd.  This meeting will be held at Nye Elementary.  We will have five schools represented to give you an idea of some of the many options you have to send your child for their middle school program.  A representative from the district will also be there to answer questions about “choice” programs and the application procedures. Applications for the district choice programs are due February 15th.  Many charters have their own application and timeline.

4th graders have just completed Unit Concept 3 and have taken their assessments home.  Please take a look at it and go over the problems your child needs more practice with.

Both 4th and 5th graders will be working in Concept 4 on Fractions.  Students should keep on top of the online Pearson assignments.  You can help your child by thinking about real world fractions as you go shopping, and do chores at home.  Have students help cook and pay attention to how they use the measuring cups and spoons.  If you order a pizza, take a look at how the pie is divided before you dig in.  Find equivalent fractions (i.e. 1/2=2/4=3/6=4/8, etc.).

Science/Language Arts
Students are learning about rocks and minerals and writing on poems and raps about what they are learning.  Please remind your child to practice and memorize their poem/rap this weekend so we can present them in class.

Students can listen to other examples as they are working on their pieces:
Here is a rap about the rock cycle:
Mineralogy Rap:

Violinist Annele Kazumi Gregory
We are fortunate to have classical violinist, Annele Kazumi Gregory, come to our school on Friday, January 22nd at 8:30.  She will play a program featuring the great Russian composers.  You are welcome to join us at this assembly.

January 18th – Martin Luther King Holiday on Monday
January 19th & 20th- Minimum Days on Tuesday and Wednesday


Welcome Back! Fieldtrip On Friday, January 8th


Knox Articulation Fieldtrip
Remember to pack a lunch for our fieldtrip on Friday, January 8th.
Parents who are driving can meet us at Knox at 10:00 or come park near our school and arrange some carpooling among ourselves. (Unfortunately the parking lot is full for staff parking so please plan your time accordingly to find parking nearby.)  The bus will be here at 10:00 to take us over, and I understand it is just a few minutes away.
Remember to send your child with a jacket for the trip, as it might be a bit wet and chilly.

Middle School Articulation Meeting at Nye Elementary on January 22nd at 1:00 pm
Please make sure that you put January 22nd at 1:00 in your calendar.
We will have a few different schools visiting to give you a chance to see what other magnet and charter programs are available in our district for our 5th graders going to middle school. Many or these schools require an application and may have other requirements for their lottery. There are so many different opportunities and choices for your child’s next step, so I strongly encourage you to attend to find out more.

Our 5th graders have just finished our 3rd Concept unit on Operations with Decimals and and have taken their test.  They are now beginning Concept 4 on Operations with Fractions.   Students should keep working on their math facts, accuracy, and reading carefully to solve problems.

Our 4th graders are finishing up Concept 3 on multiplication and division.  We will be taking our classroom assessment next week so, make sure that your child is practicing using these operations, and are checking their work and reading carefully.

Some or our students still need to work on their math facts for multiplication and division.  Please help them master those at home.  Use the math cards to play math games.  Have them quiz themselves and check with a calculator.  Make up problems in multiplication and division to solve and check.  And remind your child to keep up with their online work in Pearson Math and the Math Mission in Khan Academy.  Students using these resources regularly are doing so much better on their classwork.

Happy 2016 —Welcome Back to School!