Have a Wonderful Winter Break! (December 21-Jan 1st)

Winter Luncheon and Gift Exchange Game
This is a little reminder that we are doing our Winter luncheon on Friday, December 18th.  Please make sure that you label your dishes with your name and remind your child to remember to take it home after school.

We are so looking forward to all the interesting and special dishes that we will get to try that day!  Those of you who are sending in forks, plates, cups and napkins.  Please make sure that you send a set of at least 40-50 which should give us enough for visitors and helpers.

We will start our luncheon at around 12:30.  If you are planning to join us that afternoon, come a little earlier, so you can help me set up.

We are also planning a gift exchange game.  Please send a little wrapped gift for your child to participate.  Little things from the dollar store would be great.  (If you have an extra or two, we would be happy to have them for students who might have forgotten to bring something.)

Winter Break from December 21st to January 1st
Thank you for a wonderful 1st trimester.  We will be on Winter Break from December 21st to January 1st, and we will see you all back to school on Monday, January 4th.
Over this break spend some lovely quality time together.  When your child is looking for something to do, remind them that they can still work on their math mission in Khan Academy.  Students can play math games with their math cards, and work ahead to explore the next units in Pearson Math.
In language arts, students should continue working in their writer’s notebook.  They can take pictures of their family and your winter activities to include in their stories.  Cook together and have your child document in the writer’s notebook how you might cook a special dish.  If you go on a trip or take a special outing together, have your child write down their memory of the experience in their notebook and take pictures of your experience together.
Please encourage your child to also read as many books as they can, and read together.  Have them practice their cursive handwriting.

January 22nd Articulation Meeting at Nye
On Friday, January 22nd, Nye will host a 5th grade articulation meeting for parents and students to see what some other middle school options are available.  There are many choices in our district for middle school, and each of these schools have their own program with their own emphasis, vision and mission.
Parents and students will be able to hear about other school choice options for 6th grade next year at this meeting .   These schools all require an application and may include a lottery process, so it is important to attend this meeting if you are thinking that you might like to enroll your child into one of these programs.  Please set aside January 22nd at 1:00.  We will be meeting in the auditorium.

Music Class on Thursday-Bring instuments
Special Craft Day on Thursday morning, December 17th
Awards Ceremony:  December 18th, Friday @ 8:10 am
Winter Luncheon: Friday, December 18th  ~12:30
Gift Exchange: Friday, December 18th -Bring a wrapped gift
Winter Break: December 21st to January 1st
Back to School: January 4th
Fieldtrip to Knox: January 8th
5th Grade Articulation meeting: January 22nd @ 1:00pm  (Very important!  Please attend so you can see your options before the deadline for applications.)


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