Happy Halloween!

Putting a

Putting a “CAP” on drugs!

This week we had so much going on.  It was so fun seeing students share their spirit and commitment to saying “No to drugs!” during this Red Ribbon Week.
We also had picture day on Tuesday.  If your child missed Picture Day, there will be make-ups during Wednesday, November 4th.

Please Send Back Parent Conference Sign-up Letters
Time to sign up for Parent Conferences. This year Parent Conferences will be during the week of November 30th. I’ve sent home a letter with time slots for Parent Conferences.  Thank you to those of you who have already sent back a time request.  As I’ve slotted you into an appointment, I have been sending back the letter with my initial and time circled so you know that you can put it in your calendar.

If you have not yet signed up for a conference, please choose a convenient time by placing a 1 next to your first choice, a 2 next to your second choice, and a 3 next to your third choice, and return the letter to school. I will try my best to accommodate your first choice. Please make sure that your child returns the letter with your time requests ASAP.  Confirmations will be sent home once a time has been scheduled.

4th Graders took their Concept 1 Test with Ms. Sanchez last week.  They were given their tests to take home and rework the mistakes, and have their parents sign it.  Then they were supposed to bring them back to school.  Some students still have not returned their tests.  Please check in with your child and return the test ASAP next week.  4th graders are working on subtraction and addition concepts.  Please have them check their homework carefully and make sure that they are following directions.  They can use a calculator or do an inverse operation.

5th graders worked on developing their division skills this week.  Some students are still struggling with basic multiplication and division facts.  I’ve also noticed that many students need to work on reading directions carefully.  Please go over their homework regularly and check to see that they are reading the directions and thinking about what they are being asked to do.

We have taken our 5th grade assessment for Concept Unit 2 and will be moving on to Concept 3.  Tests were sent home on Thursday for review with parents.  Please help your children by checking over their work and making sure that they are doing it correctly.  Practice over skills that your child is still having trouble with.  You can make such a difference by spending a little more time now to catch them up.

Great Goblins!
Thank you all for the lovely goodies that were sent on Friday for our classroom event.  The students had a great time sharing their stories about how they made their treat and it was a memorable event.
One of the big hits was the jack-o-lanterns made from oranges filled with a fresh fruit salad and a little surprise inside!  We also had bloody popcorn balls, tangerines with hand drawn jack-o-lantern faces, hand painted marshmallows, cookies and beautiful cupcakes, with a cup of vampire blood punch to wash it all down with.  It was spooktacular!

Costume Parade 2015

Monster Mash Dance -Friday 6:00-8:00


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