October 9th

4th graders are still working on Concept 1 in place value.  They will be having a test next week.  

Our 5th graders are moving on to our next Concept Unit#2 on Order of Operations -PEMDAS.  You can have your child make up problems to practice.
1) Parentheses
2) Exponents
3) Multiplication and Division from left to right
4) Addition and Subtraction from left to right.

Some 5th graders are still having trouble with place value from our last Concept Unit.  Please go over their test with them to review and practice the skills that they need to work on.  Practice problems together like 4.97  x 10, 4.97  x  100, 4.97  x 1000.  Review place value and keep working on it so they can better retain the material.

Please keep working on math facts (multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction) so they don’t get in the way.  Play math games with math cards to practice math facts.

Reading and Literacy
This week our students studied a story called, “Root Beer Sit-In” by Elenor Tate.  The story was a very interesting one as it describe two friends living in the south in 1962.  They were not allowed to sit together at a lunch counter because one was not white.  This provoked a lot of interesting discussion in our class.  I think it would be nice if your families might also share some of your thoughts and experiences dealing with prejudice and injustice with your children.  Ask your child about the story and start a discussion at home.

Make sure that your child is reading at home every evening for at least 30 minutes.

Scholastic Book Club
October Scholastic Book Club catalogs have gone home this week.  Please try to get you order in by Wednesday, October 14th.  It is very easy to order online.  You only need to put in my classroom code once when you sign up: GWTQW.  Then you will have joined my classroom.  Click on Scholastics Book Club to view the catalogs online and place your order.

Nye Library
Our students were able to check out library books today from our school library.  We will visit the library every other week.  Students may keep their library books for 2 weeks-until our next visit.

Here’s a fun site to explore about bats:

PTA Meeting Wednesday, October 14 at 5:30 in Room 18




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