Happy October!

Science Exploration studying Water Cycle and evaporation

Science Exploration studying Water Cycle and evaporation


Happy October!
On Friday, October 2nd we celebrated some students and the good work in our class at our first Nye Awards Assembly of the year.  Our Award winners were:  Angelika for her Outstanding Work Habits, Audrey who is an Outstanding Class Role Model, Zoriyah for Good Citizenship -who has been very responsible as the Breakfast Monitor every morning, Tyrell who has been one of the very patient and responsible Technology Cart Managers, and Michael for his Outstanding Participation.  Great job!!

Language Arts-Writer’s Workshop
I am so excited to read the wonderful stories that students are working on in their Writer’s Notebook.  I hope students are sharing their writing at home with parents.  Right now we are working on generating ideas for writing on our “Hot Topic” pages and adding details to our pieces.  You can help at home by talking about the stories and sharing your family stories with your child.

Students who have a USB drive will be able to save their writing and pictures on their jumpdrives to work on the stories at home at at school.  Please remind your child to bring their jumpdrives to school and keep them in a pencil pouch or ziplock in their binder so they don’t get dirty and will work for a long time.

We have finished our unit on Place Value with both 4th and 5th graders.  Please keep working with your child to practice reading whole and decimal numbers.

I’m hoping that more students will bring in a deck of playing cards so we can make our math card deck to practice math facts and skills.  If anyone can pick up an extra deck or two, we would appreciate your donation in class for those students who still do not have cards to practice with.

Please encourage your child to spend some time in KhanAcademy.com to work on their Math Mission after school.  This a powerful program to help your child master math skills and concepts from the Common Core.

This week students started in their music classes.  It was so exciting to see all the instruments.  Please remind your child to practice on their music and on their instruments (if they have one) everyday.  Students who develop their music abilities are also developing their math brain.  They learn discipline themselves and responsibility.  Music classes are every Thursday, so remind your child to be prepared with their materials and instruments.

Thank You
Many parents who came to Back to School Night picked up a sticky to help us with some class supplies like tissue, ziplock bags, wipes, and gift cards for other supplies.  These have been trickling in this week and we are so appreciative of your support and generosity.
Science Experiment on Evaporation


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