Happy Halloween!

Putting a

Putting a “CAP” on drugs!

This week we had so much going on.  It was so fun seeing students share their spirit and commitment to saying “No to drugs!” during this Red Ribbon Week.
We also had picture day on Tuesday.  If your child missed Picture Day, there will be make-ups during Wednesday, November 4th.

Please Send Back Parent Conference Sign-up Letters
Time to sign up for Parent Conferences. This year Parent Conferences will be during the week of November 30th. I’ve sent home a letter with time slots for Parent Conferences.  Thank you to those of you who have already sent back a time request.  As I’ve slotted you into an appointment, I have been sending back the letter with my initial and time circled so you know that you can put it in your calendar.

If you have not yet signed up for a conference, please choose a convenient time by placing a 1 next to your first choice, a 2 next to your second choice, and a 3 next to your third choice, and return the letter to school. I will try my best to accommodate your first choice. Please make sure that your child returns the letter with your time requests ASAP.  Confirmations will be sent home once a time has been scheduled.

4th Graders took their Concept 1 Test with Ms. Sanchez last week.  They were given their tests to take home and rework the mistakes, and have their parents sign it.  Then they were supposed to bring them back to school.  Some students still have not returned their tests.  Please check in with your child and return the test ASAP next week.  4th graders are working on subtraction and addition concepts.  Please have them check their homework carefully and make sure that they are following directions.  They can use a calculator or do an inverse operation.

5th graders worked on developing their division skills this week.  Some students are still struggling with basic multiplication and division facts.  I’ve also noticed that many students need to work on reading directions carefully.  Please go over their homework regularly and check to see that they are reading the directions and thinking about what they are being asked to do.

We have taken our 5th grade assessment for Concept Unit 2 and will be moving on to Concept 3.  Tests were sent home on Thursday for review with parents.  Please help your children by checking over their work and making sure that they are doing it correctly.  Practice over skills that your child is still having trouble with.  You can make such a difference by spending a little more time now to catch them up.

Great Goblins!
Thank you all for the lovely goodies that were sent on Friday for our classroom event.  The students had a great time sharing their stories about how they made their treat and it was a memorable event.
One of the big hits was the jack-o-lanterns made from oranges filled with a fresh fruit salad and a little surprise inside!  We also had bloody popcorn balls, tangerines with hand drawn jack-o-lantern faces, hand painted marshmallows, cookies and beautiful cupcakes, with a cup of vampire blood punch to wash it all down with.  It was spooktacular!

Costume Parade 2015

Monster Mash Dance -Friday 6:00-8:00


October 23-Big Week Ahead!

Red Ribbon Week

It’s Red Ribbon Week!  So let’s show our spirit to stay safe from drugs.
Monday:  Too Bright for Drugs Day  (wear loud colors)
Tuesday: Put A Cap On Drugs Day (wear a cap to school)
Wednesday:  Sock Out Drugs Day (wear crazy socks)
Thursday:  Turn Around On Drugs Day (wear your shirt inside out)
Friday:  Drugs Are Scary!  (wear your Halloween costume)

Picture Day
Picture day is Tuesday October 27th.  Remember to wear what you would like for your school picture.  Flyers were sent home with the package prices, but no money is required for Tuesday.

Awards Ceremony
On Friday, October 30th we will have our monthly Awards Ceremony at 8:10 am to celebrate some wonderful work and citizenship from Kamden, Angel, Ivianna, Kenneth, and Jordan.  Join us if you can!

Halloween Parade
October 30th at 1:30 pm
You may bring your Halloween costume in a bag and change before the parade. Please make sure your costume is appropriate.  There are NO play weapons, masks or blood allowed at school.

PTA Monster Mash Halloween Dance
Come join the scary fun!  The PTA is hosting a Monster Mash dance on Friday, October 30th from 6:00-8:00.  There will be a DJ spinning tunes, and some yummy food available for purchase.  Entrance is only $2.00, and if you bring a non-perishable or can food item you’ll get in for 1/2 price-  $1.00 at the door.  It’s all great fun, and a wonderful way for the PTA to raise funds for fieldtrip opportunities for our kids.  Come support our students and our school.

Also, don’t forget to send in your PTA membership envelopes!  Only $12.00 to become a member.

Halloween Class Celebration
Dear Parents,
We would like to have a little class party on October 30th.  We would appreciate some yummy ghoulish healthy goodies for our scary celebration on Friday.   Have fun talking with your child about some ideas.  Spend time to make it together.  Have them take pictures of your creations and creating along the way.   Have your child write about your experience together in their writer’s notebook.  Here are some pictures of some fun snacks that you might like to try:

October 16th

On 10/15 at 10:15 am we participated in the Great California Shakeout. Students did a great job getting out of the class quickly and quietly. Talk about what your safety plan is at home.

This week in math 5th graders took a test on concept 2-1 using the correct Order of Operations in an equation (PEMDAS) and illustrating a mathematical expression using a model and stating with words.  The test was sent home on Thursday.  4th graders also took their test.  Please make sure that you ask you child about their test and review their work with them.  If you see mistakes, please spend a little time with them to go over the work and make sure that they master the skills and concepts.

Next week 4th and 5th grade students will be working on building their adding, subtracting, multiplication. and division skills  Please keep working on those math facts in multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.

I also am looking for a parent to help me burn a set of multiplication songs on CDs for our students.  If you can help me with that task, please shoot me an email and let me know.

We are learning about wind and weather right now. Have your child watch the news weather report. Talk about the weather and the currents of high and low pressure.

I sent home envelopes for PTA membership on Thursday.  (Sorry, I just got the envelopes.)  A strong PTA can really make a school!  And your participation is needed.  Please do what you can to send the envelope back, then come and join the meetings.  The next PTA event will be on October 30th, the Monster Mash dance.  Come with your spirits (your little ghosts, goblins, and ghouls) to dance and eat!  I’m sure that the PTA can also use some help decorating the auditorium and running the food booths.  The next PTA meeting will be on November 18th at 5:30.

October 9th

4th graders are still working on Concept 1 in place value.  They will be having a test next week.  

Our 5th graders are moving on to our next Concept Unit#2 on Order of Operations -PEMDAS.  You can have your child make up problems to practice.
1) Parentheses
2) Exponents
3) Multiplication and Division from left to right
4) Addition and Subtraction from left to right.

Some 5th graders are still having trouble with place value from our last Concept Unit.  Please go over their test with them to review and practice the skills that they need to work on.  Practice problems together like 4.97  x 10, 4.97  x  100, 4.97  x 1000.  Review place value and keep working on it so they can better retain the material.

Please keep working on math facts (multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction) so they don’t get in the way.  Play math games with math cards to practice math facts.

Reading and Literacy
This week our students studied a story called, “Root Beer Sit-In” by Elenor Tate.  The story was a very interesting one as it describe two friends living in the south in 1962.  They were not allowed to sit together at a lunch counter because one was not white.  This provoked a lot of interesting discussion in our class.  I think it would be nice if your families might also share some of your thoughts and experiences dealing with prejudice and injustice with your children.  Ask your child about the story and start a discussion at home.

Make sure that your child is reading at home every evening for at least 30 minutes.

Scholastic Book Club
October Scholastic Book Club catalogs have gone home this week.  Please try to get you order in by Wednesday, October 14th.  It is very easy to order online.  You only need to put in my classroom code once when you sign up: GWTQW.  Then you will have joined my classroom.  Click on Scholastics Book Club to view the catalogs online and place your order.

Nye Library
Our students were able to check out library books today from our school library.  We will visit the library every other week.  Students may keep their library books for 2 weeks-until our next visit.

Here’s a fun site to explore about bats:

PTA Meeting Wednesday, October 14 at 5:30 in Room 18



Happy October!

Science Exploration studying Water Cycle and evaporation

Science Exploration studying Water Cycle and evaporation


Happy October!
On Friday, October 2nd we celebrated some students and the good work in our class at our first Nye Awards Assembly of the year.  Our Award winners were:  Angelika for her Outstanding Work Habits, Audrey who is an Outstanding Class Role Model, Zoriyah for Good Citizenship -who has been very responsible as the Breakfast Monitor every morning, Tyrell who has been one of the very patient and responsible Technology Cart Managers, and Michael for his Outstanding Participation.  Great job!!

Language Arts-Writer’s Workshop
I am so excited to read the wonderful stories that students are working on in their Writer’s Notebook.  I hope students are sharing their writing at home with parents.  Right now we are working on generating ideas for writing on our “Hot Topic” pages and adding details to our pieces.  You can help at home by talking about the stories and sharing your family stories with your child.

Students who have a USB drive will be able to save their writing and pictures on their jumpdrives to work on the stories at home at at school.  Please remind your child to bring their jumpdrives to school and keep them in a pencil pouch or ziplock in their binder so they don’t get dirty and will work for a long time.

We have finished our unit on Place Value with both 4th and 5th graders.  Please keep working with your child to practice reading whole and decimal numbers.

I’m hoping that more students will bring in a deck of playing cards so we can make our math card deck to practice math facts and skills.  If anyone can pick up an extra deck or two, we would appreciate your donation in class for those students who still do not have cards to practice with.

Please encourage your child to spend some time in KhanAcademy.com to work on their Math Mission after school.  This a powerful program to help your child master math skills and concepts from the Common Core.

This week students started in their music classes.  It was so exciting to see all the instruments.  Please remind your child to practice on their music and on their instruments (if they have one) everyday.  Students who develop their music abilities are also developing their math brain.  They learn discipline themselves and responsibility.  Music classes are every Thursday, so remind your child to be prepared with their materials and instruments.

Thank You
Many parents who came to Back to School Night picked up a sticky to help us with some class supplies like tissue, ziplock bags, wipes, and gift cards for other supplies.  These have been trickling in this week and we are so appreciative of your support and generosity.
Science Experiment on Evaporation