Awards Ceremony on Friday October 2nd, 8:10
Click to hear a water cycle song


This week and next, our students are working with place value and rounding.  They will be practicing rounding to nearest whole numbers as well as rounding to nearest decimal places.  For example: Round 459.37 to the nearest hundred;  Round 459.37 to the nearest tenth.   Practice some at home with your child.

Math Cards and Math Games
Those of you who were able to make it to Back to School Night were able to see some possible games you can have your child play at home to build their math skills and fluency.  I’ve included a page with the letter explaining how to turn an ordinary deck of cards into Math Cards.  Please click here to read a copy of the instructions.

On Thursday, our students all were assigned a music program based on your request from the returned music form.   I understand that students were able to get their first choice.  They all received a letter to take home which lists what supplies they will need for next Thursday when they meet with their band, orchestra, and choir teachers.

Please remind your child to bring their supplies on Thursday.  What a great opportunity to try something new!

Students now all have been assigned their reading group, level, and book and have met this week.  Most of the class turned in their Common Core Reading Homework sheets.  Good job!  If your child forgot to bring his worksheet to school on Friday, please remind them to bring it on Monday.   Keep reading at home!

We have also started working on word processing and typing our stories into a document on the computers using Word.  Please make sure that your child has a USB drive where they can keep their work to take home and work on as well.

We have been studying about the water cycle-evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection.  Over this warm weekend, as your child enjoys a cold beverage-have them explain to you what those words mean as they watch the process happen around that glass.

Khan Academy
This week our class all learned how to sign onto Khan Academy and joined a math mission.  Students are encouraged to visit this site regularly to develop and practice their common core math skills.  It is a powerful program and will access your child’s ability level and prescribe lessons to build their math knowledge.  Check it out yourself, and sign up to be your child’s coach.  The program will send you information on how your child is progressing in the mission.

Back to School Night
It was so nice to meet so many of you at Back to School Night!  Thank you for taking the time and putting in the effort to be involved with your child’s education.  You are making a difference!

Next week on Friday, October 2nd we will have our Awards Ceremony at 8:10 on the playground.  Please join us in celebrating good work from our students!


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